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The Unfantastic Embargo

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In the immortal words of Darth Vader

No words can say it better than that.  Fox will not lift their review embargo until AFTER the first showing on the east coast release of Fantastic Four.  For those of you who do not know what that means.  It is this.  A review embargo is placed upon intellectual properties by their makers to limit the ammount of potential bad press.  Games do it all the time, but usually they will lift the embargo anywhere up to a month before the game is release and allow critics to review and post their thoughts.  Movies do this too and usually lift it about 2 days to a week before release and during the embargo will have critics of reputation sign non-disclosure agreements.  Embargos that get lifted a few days before a a release do it limit potential bad word of mouth press.  Fox’s embargo lifting to hours after the release means this.  There is no critic reviews to give the viewers a chance to see if they will like it.  Small Example

Lets say Rotten Tomatoes wanted to post a review about Fantastic Four.  Because of the embargo they can’t and people going to their site can not see if the movie was a 2 or a much better rating.

This move shows that fox has no faith in the movie and makes their decisions just seem disjointed.  Fox also has a bad reputation of keeping shlock shows on the air and kicking great shows off the air after 1 season *Cough Firefly cough cough Dollhouse cough cough*


PleasANTly Surprised

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Haha, see what I did there?I am so tacky sometimes I feel physical pain when I do those things…

As I’m sure you can already guess, this is going to be my review on Ant Man. When I first heard that out of all of the Marvel Universe that they were going to make Ant Man into a movie. There are hundreds of other characters that could use a movie in my opinion; and they picked Ant Man. I couldn’t roll my eyes any harder when I heard about it.
Now… Firstly… I will admit to not knowing a lot about Ant Man or his background, his story, anything dealing with him. Minus the fact that Ant Man eventually becomes one of the Avengers… Which, yes it ties in with the whole cinematic world that they’re creating… But… It’s a movie, about a guy, who gets a suit and can shrink down to the size of an ant.
Paul Rudd’s character Scott is a guy who has fallen on some bad luck, was in jail for 3 years and paid for the crime that he committed. Now that he’s out he wants to change his life around and be one of the good guys, but it is hard for someone that got out of jail to hold down a job. Scott wants to be a better father to his daughter also; Cassie is a big motivation factor for him.
Michael Douglas plays Dr. Pym, the man who created the Pym Particle and the suit that Scott eventually steals. Scott’s character is quick thinking and seems to be able to get out of any jam with his quick thinking and super awesome agility. Pym allows for Scott to steal the suit, all while watching him from a security room, because Pym needs someone like Scott to help dismantle the organization being run by someone from Pym’s past; Darren Cross. Darren had made it a life goal to ‘dust off’ the research that Dr. Pym had done in regards to the Pym Particle and using it to shrink things to a fraction of their size. However, Darren, and the rest of the world didn’t already know that Pym had done this ages ago and once wore the suit to help fight in wars. Pym’s daughter Hope, is the only one who knows. Hope works with Cross as his right hand woman, in order to keep an eye on him to see how close they were to getting at her father’s technology. Hope is also a little grumpy pants because her father refuses to let her use the suit despite her understanding how it works, how to use it, and already have an existing connection to the entire situation.
Gonna cut the details there because I’m sure you can either guess, or… You can go see it. (How’s that for helping sales, Marvel… Where’s my cut?) All in all. I’d give the movie a 7/10, and that 7 is still partially due to my bias against a guy who wears a suit to shrink. Though the way they played it out in the movie, and using the strength that the ants can possess was really awesome. Not to mention the way that they can ‘talk to’ the ants; and make friends, and pets out of them.

I was genuinely surprised with how much I enjoyed the movie. There was a great amount of action in the movie but it certainly wasn’t overplayed. There were a few name drops throughout the movie as well as a few good comedic moments. If you payed super close attention to the movie there were a few hints toward future Marvel projects, those sneaky sneaky Marvel people. I am happy that Marvel has gotten away from their messy past with the slip up movies and are only bringing out super good, awesome badass movies now.
P.S there was a trailer for the new Fantastic Four… Which, looks Fantastic. Though I can’t really get passed the whole Johnny Storm/Sue Storm hiccup there that they’re having…

If you’ve seen the movie, let me know what you think. Or if you’ve seen previews for the new Fantastic Four movie and have some opinions on that. I’d love to hear from ya.

Old Vampire Harpy Writings

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This post was written by myself for a Vampire: The Masquerade Game that I help run.  The Character was the NPC Harpy of the City of New Orleans.  When I first took on the NPC for my “Rogue’s Gallery” of characters.  I was told to think of him like a proper southern gentlemen with a thick southern Droll.
Penned in the most fine and luxurious ink and penmanship the words of the harpy are wrote.

“I dare say tonight has been most interesting and with those nights when one can smell the change coming in the wind. You batten down the hatchets and weather the storm till it becomes safe to stick your pretty little head out. On this night August the 5th The one known as the Mad Prince of New Orleans stepped down and took her trophy of Anthony Vargoss to places unknown. With recent stories circulating about the acts of the former prince it is hardly an action that anyone did not see coming. Now I am just a simple southerner but I do stand to wonder why she would not have taken the child also. But I digress my dear readers.”

The report carries on

“With the former prince gone who was to take the mantle of Prince? Why, none other than the now former Seneschal her self of course. It is a widely know that the Seneschal is the one who takes up the throne when the prince is out of town or in this case abdicates her thorn. With Sonja Reinhardt comes a mess she must clean and one she realized when she took the seat at bequest of the former prince. With the Seneschal gone and now in full power she could have chosen to go unchecked but instead placed into the advisory and second in command role of Seneschal to the now Former regent of the Tremere Chantry Reginald Winston Barnes. There too was a changing of the guard in the Sheriff’s office. Crassida Henry The Swamp Witch has stepped down and in her stead a new face among the filthy rats has been place one Frankie The Fly. I do hope this sheriff is a good choice seeing as he has big shoes to fill. Sonja also made clear a Scourge was appointed but no name was given. A good strong move to keep us all in check should we try to sink our teeth in the fledgeling prince’s pretty little biker throat.”

“On to the matters of what was discussed. For the first I say is one of something that is creeping out of our past and has come to nip at us like a fire trying to return to it’s former glory. One Isobel Rothery of the Clan of Lunatics brought up a Biker Gang….. Now at first before she continued on with her story one would think bikers are just uncouth rabble of human beings with a leather and gas powered bicycle fetish. But the next part struck me as odd. She continued on to say the leader of the Bikers and one other out of those present at her families Elysia, were holy. Has the inquisition found a new order or is it just coincidence I for one hope i am still around to tell the tale should it unfold. One Naji of the clan of the filthy and deformed spoke up and demanded Diplomacy and trying to bring damned of the faith to try and outweigh kine of the faith. Be it far from my simple self to say that every kindred in the world holds to some faith but it is the faith that we are damned by our greatest common Ancestor who by god was cursed to walk for eternity. Others in the tower have begun looking for ways to skirt and keep tabs and shorten the influence of these religious zealot bikers. An effort I hope proves fruitful.”

“With the coming of questions of the second, the new prince made her first decree. The prince has stripped all the families of the tower of their leaders the primogen council will be going under a maintenance of sorts along with all the domains of the clan being broken down to a two block radius around the family’s Elysia. So please do excuse our dust. This took a lot of those present by storm and some hands one of which is filthy and not deformed but shamed in the eyes of the tower and their clan made a plea. But as the prince stated you may find your primogen now but it will not be made official until next court. A member of the clan of the royal bearing stood forth later to address an issue. One known as Justin Trusdale stood for his clan and asked the blue bloods be relocated to a hotel/casino of which one Blaise De La Fontaine started. The prince allowed this should the Blue bloods be able to secure the position of their new domain. As an aside note to these matters I brought the idea of Isobel Rothery to the forefront once again. The woman I dare say has more balls than most in this city and has a far greater ambition than one would give a lunatic credit for. The idea is a simple one a Common Elysia for all to come and talk shop without having to stand on ceremony each time one wants to enter someone’s family home. An Idea which has another month to grow and become as complete as can be. And knowing Ms. Rothery through various talks she is more than capable of finishing this endeavor she has burdened her self with.”

“The third came with only one asking for the right to bare childer. The Ventrue it seems have called for new blood. One Gerard Lancing a man with impeccable tastes and an air of order and justice about him has asked for and was granted the right to have his retainer one Gabriel Hawke to accept the gracious gift of our blood. I have some reservations about this. But I am not prince and I do not have the right to deny one their rights. So I do hope Mr. Hawke’s transformation goes smoothly.”

“And with the forth none came and with the fifth many came forward to be acknowledged and tolerated in our fair city, in one such case a Gangrel stepped forward and in a bold move The new Sheriff Frankie the fly stepped forward to be her sponsor. Be it a strange move on the sheriff’s part or be it design this Gangrel was acknowledged in our city. I did notice one former primogen acting out of place as if he wanted to present people but was unable but one can only guess if the rabble was simply uncomfortable in a business suit seeing as the Rabbel’s taste is not one of the fancy.”

“No matters of destruction were brought forth…..this time.”

“Now my dear readers I dare say this next bit of gossip was one that has plagued our fine city for many a month. As I told you earlier Anthony Vargoss was secreted away by the former bell prince. To which left the fate of the child one Blaise De La Fontaine. The woman was unstaked and stripped of status down to just acknowledged. Let us watch and see if Blaise returns to that former glory she once had here in the Big Easy.”

“My dearest and most attentive readers I do so hope that you enjoyed reading this and I look forward to bringing you more gossip within the halls of the Elysia.”

Signed in the most flourishing and beautiful script handwriting

Montigue De St. Julien


Potential Let’s Read Series of “Videos”

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Okay so I have been toying around with idea of reading a book and recording my voice while reading and posting it on Youtube for the world to hear.  HOWEVER.  I do not know which book to start with.  So that is why I am going to find and put up a poll on the site on which book you want me to read.

Adventure Log

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So where have I been the past few days?  Where has the gaming and movie posts been? Great questions.  I was on a mini-vacation, this past week.  From Thursday to Sunday, I was in Pennsylvania at a state park roughing it in the woods.  It was a nice change of pace and brought me closer to my inner little boy who loved nature.  Four days in the woods, sleeping 3 nights in a tent for four.  The first day there, I will admit.  I was a tad grumpy.  Since my normal days do not consist of hiking the forest and getting bitten to high heaven by bugs.  I was out of place and I hate being out of place.   As the weekend continued I got happier by the minute.  Boulder Field was beautiful and HUGE and I got to climb on the rocks.  Not quiet sure how far out I got. But all and all the field was crazy fun, despite being hesitant to walk out into it.

The next spot on the camping trip was Hawk Falls.  The trail starts off the side of a main road and after walking maybe fifteen to twenty minutes.  You come to the section of the trail that forks.  You can either continue onto the bottom section of the waterfall.  Or you can take the rocky climb to the top of the falls and look out and see the river to which it feeds.  It is a fun trail I must say.  The Falls are clean so bring a bathing suit and swim in the cold refreshing waters.

After the Falls it is off to the Lake on the state park…… Bring food and drinks with you, because it ridiculously pricey for the food they have there.  Two dollars and fifty cents for water… that is just highway robbery.  The beach is nice the water is refreshing on a hot day.  Not much to say about that other than it’s fun.

We hiked a lot and walked a lot.  But each day we all got together made dinner, had a good time.  That is what I did on my four days off.  I hope to go back next year.


TV Land

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I can be a bit of a television junky… If that isn’t already evident based on my posts on our new fancy site here… That being said, I’ve done a great deal of research into what is going to be coming to our televisions this fall. Please keep in mind that in reading this, there are plenty of shows, even channels that I haven’t mentioned. The shows that are going to mentioned in the post that follows will not be shows that have been renewed for follow-up seasons, these are all fresh shows that will be debuting their pilot episodes this fall.

They don’t have a whole lot of room in their roster this fall, so they aren’t bringing out too many shows, however what shows they are bringing out, to me, are a lot of the same type of shows. Reading through what they’re doing I saw a lot of police related shows, as well as courts and lawyers. Chevy Chase will be returning to television with a comedy show. As will Johnny Knoxville with a show based off of his childhood.

I’d like to point out now, that there are a few reoccurring themes throughout the various channels… You’ll see. Maybe you’ll feel like me about them.

It looks like they’ve got a slew of medical, crime, and court shows that are coming this fall… This is just the beginning of the reoccurring theme that I’m talking about…
Limitless – Yes, like the movie with Bradley Cooper… That’s because it’s based off of it. Our main character will be helping the FBI solve crimes with his expanded brain, a lovely gift from the same drug that Bradley Cooper had been on in the movie.
Rush Hour – Yes, another movie spin off… Sadly, Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker will not be joining the cast for this one
Super Girl – Okay, so… Admittedly I would have much rather seen a Wonder Woman show, finally, but after seeing the extended preview for this show. I’m actually interested in watching it. Kara isn’t the socially awkward alien that she was in Smallville, she lives and works in the big city and is working on accepting her powers and using them for good.

The CW.
A channel that I can say has a lot of shows that I watch… Sadly… Looks like they’re dropping the ball with what they’re bringing out this season. Another show where someone died/had a near death experience and now they can talk to ghosts… As was done on IZombie… And previously before that, I believe on Fox, with Tru Calling… An overplayed theme that can’t last more than one season in my honest opinion.
DC’s Legends of Tomorrow – Another DC show based around Rip Hunter, who has seen the future and will do anything that he can to change it. It is in the same realm as Arrow and The Flash, which could lead to yet another crossover… My only fear is that they’re bulking too many shows in one realm with all of the crossovers it could leave some people out if they don’t watch one of the three shows involved.

In my research and notes Fox has the most paper space… I think that is a sign of a good thing, right?
Lucifer – Lucifer decides that he was bored of ruling hell and comes top side. Residing in L.A… The city of angels… Ya’ll see that irony right there? In any case, he uses his unique talents to help the police solve certain crimes. There are also scenes of an angel telling him to go back to hell basically… It seems like it is going to be set up to be very predictable but that the writers may have a few good plot twists planned.
Minority Report – Another movie spin off, set 10 years after the movie happened. A recog gets very interested in a police officer and her work.
X-Files – I’m personally not a fan, and have never been a fan, but yay for them? They’re coming back for 6 episodes that are new and fresh. I’d much rather see 6 episodes of Firefly… But I’ll have to dream on.
Detour – A TV show based on Weezer singer Rivers Coumo’s decision to leave the band in his 30’s and return to college.
Scream Queens – This is literally advertised as a comedic take on American Horror Story… At seeing the casting involved, I’m already turned off from this whole show, not to mention the thought of all of these young actresses screaming for an hour long each week just doesn’t seem that appealing to me.

Another channel dishing out the medical, lawyers, crime and cop shows.
Blindspot – A show that has already had a bunch of press and attention brought to it. The main character wakes up covered in these mysterious tattoos, with no memory of herself or how she got them. Somehow the FBI becomes interested especially when those tattoos start helping to solve crimes.
Coach – Yes, the show that ran from 1989-1997 is making a comeback, of sorts. This is moreso going to be a reboot with Coach Hayden Fox coming out of retirement to help a college in Pennsylvania.
Problem Child – Yet another movie that is making its way to television.
Heroes Reborn – Sadly, it is only going to be a 13 episode reboot of the original show that dealt with normal people learning and understanding the extraordinary powers that they suddenly seem to have.

Now, like I said when I started, there are plenty more shows that are scheduled to drop in the fall, some midseason as well. And many channels that I didn’t even touch. But just from what I’m seeing from the 4 channels that I did review… There is going to be a lot of cops, hospitals and court rooms. Not to mention the sudden flood of movies that are making their way to television. Are we really running out of ideas? I do know that on ABC Family they are taking The Mortal Instruments and bringing it to TV; I believe that is scheduled for 2016 though… I’ll be watching that one for sure.
My biggest gripe is taking movies and bringing them to television. We’re running so short on ideas that the people who make millions off of approving what makes it to TV feel that it’s okay to just pull a movie, and make it into a television show… I am positive there are many, many more things that could make it to TV other than movies.

Let me know your thoughts on the shows. What show(s) are you excited to see? If I missed something that you’re excited for, fill me in.

The Countdowns

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Welcome to The Countdown.  A blog segment where I give a list of things that are either amazing or super lame.  These lists are based upon my personal opinion and as always I ask that you keep an open mind when reading them.  Feel free to comment on lists that appear or make lists of your own in the comment section.

Upcoming Super Hero/Villain movies

Starting from Ten being worst to one being my most anticipated film

10: The Fantastic Four reboot.  Now visually it looks appealing.  My problem lays with the fact that the casting just seems off.  I like Miles Teller and Michael B Jordan they were great together in That Awkard Moment.  But this is not a comedy this is action and Miles I do not feel fits the roll of arguably the 4th smartest character in the Marvel Universe.  The thing looks just weird.  The production team has already announced a second movie for this.  Why would you announce a second movie without knowing if your first film does well?  I am sure this movie will do well in theaters because it has Marvel’s name on it.  I just don’t feel this movie was needed.

9.  Suicide Squad:  The more I see of this film the less I want to see it.  The cast of villains just seems like the writers took the basic concept updated it to their liking and threw darts at the DC Villain Roster.  Killer Croc; El Diablo; Johnny Frost; Hugo Strange; Katana; King Shark.  Put with the original team of Rick Flag; Harley Quinn; Deadshot; Boomerang; Enchantress.  Harley Quinn looks to much like a sex doll in this and lacks the charm and endearment of her other renditions and maybe it is because I am so used to Tara Strong doing the voice of Harley that I can not get past Margot Robbie’s lack of a Brooklyn (Gotham) accent.  Now the joker.  Jared Leto just looks terrible as the Joker.  I saw the trailer and my first thought was HOLY #&*@ IT’S GOLLAM ON CRACK.   The voice in the trailer seems forced and Jared Leto just looks like he is trying to hard to be crazy.  The problem with the joker being in this movie is this.  HE DOESN’T FIT IN AND WOULD BE TRYING TO UNDERMINE AND GET PEOPLE TURNING AGAINST AMANDA WALLER!  HE IS FAR TO UNSTABLE EVEN WITH A BOMB IN HIS HEAD!  But it’s okay Batman will keep him in check.  -_-‘  This movie is going to blow.

8. Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice.  Honestly I see this movie doing great in the box office because of the Names alone.  With Ben Afleck directing this could be a good movie.  I am just sick to death of Batman and Superman all together.  I didn’t like the last couple of Superman movies and Nolan not making more Batman.  I just need a break from DC’s Top 2 Super Heroes.

7. Aquaman: The name alone should tell you this DC Character doesn’t deserve a movie.
aquakick to junk  Aquaman: The Coast Guard G.I. Joe of The Justice League

6. Black Panther: Okay this movie could do well with the right writer and a great director.  Seeing as Black Panther is on the Disney/Marvel Team.  I am not too worried.  My only concern is the writer will have to deal with the fact that not many people outside of die hard comic fans knows this character exists.  So there will have to be a lot of explaining as to what this character can do and how he is what is he is.

The Top 5 starts my most anticipated movies.

5. Antman:  Coming out in just a few days, I am super stoked for this film.  While I am a bit bummed they didn’t make Hank Pym Antman.  I am glad to see that they got an actor like Paul Rudd to play Antman (Scott Lange).  The movie will be fun and exciting to watch.

4. Doctor Strange:  Starring Benedict Cumberbatch.  This movie will be fun to watch and I can not wait to see how Cumberbatch does as a spell-casting crime fighter.  If it is written well this shall do well in the last phase of the Disney/Marvel films.

3. While I hate the current movie trend of breaking a movie into 2 parts.  I am looking forward to Avengers 3: The Infinity War Part 1 and Part 2.  These movies will tie together the events of the phases of Disney/Marvel Cinematic Universe in a nice neat bow.  Hopefully.  With Joss Whedon rumored to not being director, I am a bit hesitant about this movie.  But I will trust in the formula that they have in place and the caliber of directors they have in their arsenal.

2. Captain America: Civil War.  While the Civil War comic event in Marvel was a favorite of mine.  I am okay with how they are condensing it down for this movie.  The heat between Rodgers and Stark comes to a head as the two figure heads of the Avengers hug it out… wait what why would they hug.  NO they will work out their fustrations the way men do.  By beating the ever loving shit out of each other and than calling your once rival friend.

1. Guardians of the Galaxy 2: This is the big one that I can not wait for.  Star-Lord is one of my favorite Marvel Heroes and I am glad to see him and the team are getting some TLC and Quality Screen Time.  I heard next to nothing about Guardians Coming out and when I saw it.  I was blown away.  So I am going to ride the tide and wait and not get my expectations up while I wait for this movie to come out.

I hope you enjoyed this Countdown.  Please remember to like and comment.  I would love to see what you are waiting for in the upcoming hero/villain movies.