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sense8When it was first announced that Netflix was going to be making their own shows, as if they were a TV channel I will completely admit that I was less than thrilled. Netflix is a fantastic device, I’ll give them credit there, but there are a great number of movies that I have never heard of, that many of us have never heard of. So when they wanted to start their own shows, all I could do was roll my eyes.

However, I fully, and completely take that eye roll back. Netflix has come out with some amazing shows that I can say that I obsess over. Orange Is The New Black, House of Cards, Hemlock Grove (though I didn’t get to finish it), Daredevil, and now a show called Sense8.

I overlooked it the first few times it showed up as something recommended to me because the way that they describe the show in the summary doesn’t even begin to cover it. It went something like “8 strangers from across the world are suddenly emotionally and mentally connected.” Really… That was all it was given, so yes, I overlooked it. But eventually I caved and watched it. Now… When I tell you guys that I watched it… I mean I lived in my bedroom watching this show as if it were my life. Now I’m like that meme you see of Dave Chapelle asking if there are any more episodes… Which there’s not since the show just came out on June 5, 2015.

Let me break this show down for you. Firstly, it is produced by the same people who brought us The Matrix, V For Vendetta, Cloud Atlas, and Jupiter Ascending to name a few. Which off the bat told me I was in for so much more than a dinky one sentence summary of what the show was going to be about. The Wachoskis have made themselves well known for things that are more than what they seem.

The show starts with Darryl Hanna’s character having some two sided conversation with two men that it seems that neither of them are really there. That scene ends with a gun in the mouth. But her death sparked these 8 strangers to be linked. It woke up their inner sensate basically. Which causes all 8 of these people to start seeing one another across various situations. It also allows them to be able to use one another’s talents, speak each other’s languages and help them through life basically. The show dives into various aspects that most shows don’t dare tread on. Religion, politics, sexuality and gender are just a few of them.

There are 8 main characters from all over the world. Will is a police officer from Chicago. Riley is a DJ originally from Iceland, though the majority of the time she is in England. Sun who works for her father’s company in Korea. Wolfgang is a rather impressive trouble maker from Berlin. Capheus is a van driver in Nairobi who does everything he can to take care of his mother. Nomi is a trans woman and a hacker who lives in San Francisco. Kala is in Mumbai and is engaged to marry a man that she does not love. Lito is a Spanish actor who allows his career to take over his personal life. So as you can see, very different backgrounds going on there.

As much as I want to spoil the plot and tell you everything that went on in the opening season of the show, I really just want you all to watch it for yourselves and tell me what you thought of it. I will tell you that their connection is known by the government and that plays a rather interesting part of the plot. I will also tell you that these people handled seeing everyone else much better than I would have. I, personally, am all for the paranormal, the strange and unexplainable… But if were to start seeing a Korean business woman, suddenly know how to speak Korean, and be a kick ass fighter… I would be likely to panic and freak out.

Each of the characters get to experience certain things through each other, some more mature and adult things, do not watch this show with your children. The further you get into the show, the more detailed the plot gets, and the season finale was the perfect cliff hanger especially since something happened to one of the 8 with the main bad guy of the show… They call him Whispers. Later in the season it becomes more obvious that there is more than just the current generation of sensate’s, which opens up the following season to some fantastic story lines.

All in all I honestly give this show a 9/10. The acting is on point, casting is flawless, story line is positively mind blowing. I highly, highly recommend everyone to watch this show and get back to me… Partly because I’m the only that I know who has watched it and I need to discuss things with people.
Give it a gander and let me know what ya’ll think!


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