DC Hits The Target

Posted: July 12, 2015 by hieiyyh2 in Reviews
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In the annals of history the creator of The Green Arrow drew his inspiration from a series of books of the time known simply as The Green Archer (By Edgar Wallace).  On the surface you would look at Oliver Queen A.K.A The Green Arrow and think.  Oh great another Bruce Wayne/ Batman.  Detective who moonlights as a playboy billionaire.  Their only difference comes in the form of what they specialize in.  Oliver Queen specializes in archery and in later renditions of his origin Torture.  Green Arrow has had darker undertones to his stories.  From dealing with a Drug addicted sidekick, to having a side kick that has HIV from being a former prostitute.  The Emerald Archer has a more mature undertone in terms of what he deals with and the types of villains that comprises his rogue gallery.  Up until recently The Green Arrow only appeared in the comics and cartoons…..

That is until CW’s


Arrow takes everything I enjoy about the comic and character.  Than it brings it to a new medium.  FINALLY!  Green Arrow gets some time in the sun and not have to share it with an ensemble cast of heroes that overshadow Oliver Queen.  DC outside of films have found a formula that works for their TV shows.  With Arrow came The Flash and with the constant use of Ferris Air in both Arrow and The Flash.  It will be more than likely that you will see Hal Jordan showing up. The casting for the show is amazing.  Stephen Amell ( @amellywood on Twitter) as Oliver Queen was a great choice of actor.  He really took the character and made it his own.

Each season the show gets better and better.  With the second season came the on screen appearance of my favorite DC villain Deathstroke.  With the third you got Ras Al Ghul and the beginning to Ray Palmer (The Atom).  With Ras Al Ghul in the mix it will be I believe only a short time until the Dark Knight makes an appearance.  With each season we get more and more insight into the origin of how Oliver Queen, went from Billionaire Playboy.  To crime fighting masked archer.

“Each person goes through a crucible.  You either die under the pressure or you live long enough to see how you were made better by it.”  Sebastian Blood (Brother Blood)

Oliver’s time on the island and the adventures that he went through, was Oliver’s crucible.  But it took a lot from him.  It has been the on going task of his team, to make Oliver more human again and less emotionless crime fighting machine. The banter between Oliver and Team Arrow is amazing.  Felicity I feel has made the most impact on Oliver over the past few seasons and I hope she continues to do so.

But for every positive…… You have the negative.  For this show that comes in the form of the casting of The Black Canary A.K.A Laural Lance.  I find her to be the unneeded aspect of the show.  Her dialog delivery, feels forced and the actress (Katie Cassady) tries to hard to make the character like her Supernatural Character Ruby.  Her performance doesn’t feel natural to me.  Despite this aspect.  Arrow is a great show and I highly recommend that you give it a chance.

  1. hiroodan says:

    I shall. Thanks for the wonderful review. I admit I don’t know much about The Green Arrow. I’ve seen him in cartoons as a kid and he did okay against the forces of evil.


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