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Posted: July 14, 2015 by hieiyyh2 in The Countdowns
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Welcome to The Countdown.  A blog segment where I give a list of things that are either amazing or super lame.  These lists are based upon my personal opinion and as always I ask that you keep an open mind when reading them.  Feel free to comment on lists that appear or make lists of your own in the comment section.

Upcoming Super Hero/Villain movies

Starting from Ten being worst to one being my most anticipated film

10: The Fantastic Four reboot.  Now visually it looks appealing.  My problem lays with the fact that the casting just seems off.  I like Miles Teller and Michael B Jordan they were great together in That Awkard Moment.  But this is not a comedy this is action and Miles I do not feel fits the roll of arguably the 4th smartest character in the Marvel Universe.  The thing looks just weird.  The production team has already announced a second movie for this.  Why would you announce a second movie without knowing if your first film does well?  I am sure this movie will do well in theaters because it has Marvel’s name on it.  I just don’t feel this movie was needed.

9.  Suicide Squad:  The more I see of this film the less I want to see it.  The cast of villains just seems like the writers took the basic concept updated it to their liking and threw darts at the DC Villain Roster.  Killer Croc; El Diablo; Johnny Frost; Hugo Strange; Katana; King Shark.  Put with the original team of Rick Flag; Harley Quinn; Deadshot; Boomerang; Enchantress.  Harley Quinn looks to much like a sex doll in this and lacks the charm and endearment of her other renditions and maybe it is because I am so used to Tara Strong doing the voice of Harley that I can not get past Margot Robbie’s lack of a Brooklyn (Gotham) accent.  Now the joker.  Jared Leto just looks terrible as the Joker.  I saw the trailer and my first thought was HOLY #&*@ IT’S GOLLAM ON CRACK.   The voice in the trailer seems forced and Jared Leto just looks like he is trying to hard to be crazy.  The problem with the joker being in this movie is this.  HE DOESN’T FIT IN AND WOULD BE TRYING TO UNDERMINE AND GET PEOPLE TURNING AGAINST AMANDA WALLER!  HE IS FAR TO UNSTABLE EVEN WITH A BOMB IN HIS HEAD!  But it’s okay Batman will keep him in check.  -_-‘  This movie is going to blow.

8. Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice.  Honestly I see this movie doing great in the box office because of the Names alone.  With Ben Afleck directing this could be a good movie.  I am just sick to death of Batman and Superman all together.  I didn’t like the last couple of Superman movies and Nolan not making more Batman.  I just need a break from DC’s Top 2 Super Heroes.

7. Aquaman: The name alone should tell you this DC Character doesn’t deserve a movie.
aquakick to junk  Aquaman: The Coast Guard G.I. Joe of The Justice League

6. Black Panther: Okay this movie could do well with the right writer and a great director.  Seeing as Black Panther is on the Disney/Marvel Team.  I am not too worried.  My only concern is the writer will have to deal with the fact that not many people outside of die hard comic fans knows this character exists.  So there will have to be a lot of explaining as to what this character can do and how he is what is he is.

The Top 5 starts my most anticipated movies.

5. Antman:  Coming out in just a few days, I am super stoked for this film.  While I am a bit bummed they didn’t make Hank Pym Antman.  I am glad to see that they got an actor like Paul Rudd to play Antman (Scott Lange).  The movie will be fun and exciting to watch.

4. Doctor Strange:  Starring Benedict Cumberbatch.  This movie will be fun to watch and I can not wait to see how Cumberbatch does as a spell-casting crime fighter.  If it is written well this shall do well in the last phase of the Disney/Marvel films.

3. While I hate the current movie trend of breaking a movie into 2 parts.  I am looking forward to Avengers 3: The Infinity War Part 1 and Part 2.  These movies will tie together the events of the phases of Disney/Marvel Cinematic Universe in a nice neat bow.  Hopefully.  With Joss Whedon rumored to not being director, I am a bit hesitant about this movie.  But I will trust in the formula that they have in place and the caliber of directors they have in their arsenal.

2. Captain America: Civil War.  While the Civil War comic event in Marvel was a favorite of mine.  I am okay with how they are condensing it down for this movie.  The heat between Rodgers and Stark comes to a head as the two figure heads of the Avengers hug it out… wait what why would they hug.  NO they will work out their fustrations the way men do.  By beating the ever loving shit out of each other and than calling your once rival friend.

1. Guardians of the Galaxy 2: This is the big one that I can not wait for.  Star-Lord is one of my favorite Marvel Heroes and I am glad to see him and the team are getting some TLC and Quality Screen Time.  I heard next to nothing about Guardians Coming out and when I saw it.  I was blown away.  So I am going to ride the tide and wait and not get my expectations up while I wait for this movie to come out.

I hope you enjoyed this Countdown.  Please remember to like and comment.  I would love to see what you are waiting for in the upcoming hero/villain movies.


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