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Posted: July 15, 2015 by Andi Pants in Reviews, Television
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I can be a bit of a television junky… If that isn’t already evident based on my posts on our new fancy site here… That being said, I’ve done a great deal of research into what is going to be coming to our televisions this fall. Please keep in mind that in reading this, there are plenty of shows, even channels that I haven’t mentioned. The shows that are going to mentioned in the post that follows will not be shows that have been renewed for follow-up seasons, these are all fresh shows that will be debuting their pilot episodes this fall.

They don’t have a whole lot of room in their roster this fall, so they aren’t bringing out too many shows, however what shows they are bringing out, to me, are a lot of the same type of shows. Reading through what they’re doing I saw a lot of police related shows, as well as courts and lawyers. Chevy Chase will be returning to television with a comedy show. As will Johnny Knoxville with a show based off of his childhood.

I’d like to point out now, that there are a few reoccurring themes throughout the various channels… You’ll see. Maybe you’ll feel like me about them.

It looks like they’ve got a slew of medical, crime, and court shows that are coming this fall… This is just the beginning of the reoccurring theme that I’m talking about…
Limitless – Yes, like the movie with Bradley Cooper… That’s because it’s based off of it. Our main character will be helping the FBI solve crimes with his expanded brain, a lovely gift from the same drug that Bradley Cooper had been on in the movie.
Rush Hour – Yes, another movie spin off… Sadly, Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker will not be joining the cast for this one
Super Girl – Okay, so… Admittedly I would have much rather seen a Wonder Woman show, finally, but after seeing the extended preview for this show. I’m actually interested in watching it. Kara isn’t the socially awkward alien that she was in Smallville, she lives and works in the big city and is working on accepting her powers and using them for good.

The CW.
A channel that I can say has a lot of shows that I watch… Sadly… Looks like they’re dropping the ball with what they’re bringing out this season. Another show where someone died/had a near death experience and now they can talk to ghosts… As was done on IZombie… And previously before that, I believe on Fox, with Tru Calling… An overplayed theme that can’t last more than one season in my honest opinion.
DC’s Legends of Tomorrow – Another DC show based around Rip Hunter, who has seen the future and will do anything that he can to change it. It is in the same realm as Arrow and The Flash, which could lead to yet another crossover… My only fear is that they’re bulking too many shows in one realm with all of the crossovers it could leave some people out if they don’t watch one of the three shows involved.

In my research and notes Fox has the most paper space… I think that is a sign of a good thing, right?
Lucifer – Lucifer decides that he was bored of ruling hell and comes top side. Residing in L.A… The city of angels… Ya’ll see that irony right there? In any case, he uses his unique talents to help the police solve certain crimes. There are also scenes of an angel telling him to go back to hell basically… It seems like it is going to be set up to be very predictable but that the writers may have a few good plot twists planned.
Minority Report – Another movie spin off, set 10 years after the movie happened. A recog gets very interested in a police officer and her work.
X-Files – I’m personally not a fan, and have never been a fan, but yay for them? They’re coming back for 6 episodes that are new and fresh. I’d much rather see 6 episodes of Firefly… But I’ll have to dream on.
Detour – A TV show based on Weezer singer Rivers Coumo’s decision to leave the band in his 30’s and return to college.
Scream Queens – This is literally advertised as a comedic take on American Horror Story… At seeing the casting involved, I’m already turned off from this whole show, not to mention the thought of all of these young actresses screaming for an hour long each week just doesn’t seem that appealing to me.

Another channel dishing out the medical, lawyers, crime and cop shows.
Blindspot – A show that has already had a bunch of press and attention brought to it. The main character wakes up covered in these mysterious tattoos, with no memory of herself or how she got them. Somehow the FBI becomes interested especially when those tattoos start helping to solve crimes.
Coach – Yes, the show that ran from 1989-1997 is making a comeback, of sorts. This is moreso going to be a reboot with Coach Hayden Fox coming out of retirement to help a college in Pennsylvania.
Problem Child – Yet another movie that is making its way to television.
Heroes Reborn – Sadly, it is only going to be a 13 episode reboot of the original show that dealt with normal people learning and understanding the extraordinary powers that they suddenly seem to have.

Now, like I said when I started, there are plenty more shows that are scheduled to drop in the fall, some midseason as well. And many channels that I didn’t even touch. But just from what I’m seeing from the 4 channels that I did review… There is going to be a lot of cops, hospitals and court rooms. Not to mention the sudden flood of movies that are making their way to television. Are we really running out of ideas? I do know that on ABC Family they are taking The Mortal Instruments and bringing it to TV; I believe that is scheduled for 2016 though… I’ll be watching that one for sure.
My biggest gripe is taking movies and bringing them to television. We’re running so short on ideas that the people who make millions off of approving what makes it to TV feel that it’s okay to just pull a movie, and make it into a television show… I am positive there are many, many more things that could make it to TV other than movies.

Let me know your thoughts on the shows. What show(s) are you excited to see? If I missed something that you’re excited for, fill me in.


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