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Posted: July 20, 2015 by hieiyyh2 in Uncategorized
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So where have I been the past few days?  Where has the gaming and movie posts been? Great questions.  I was on a mini-vacation, this past week.  From Thursday to Sunday, I was in Pennsylvania at a state park roughing it in the woods.  It was a nice change of pace and brought me closer to my inner little boy who loved nature.  Four days in the woods, sleeping 3 nights in a tent for four.  The first day there, I will admit.  I was a tad grumpy.  Since my normal days do not consist of hiking the forest and getting bitten to high heaven by bugs.  I was out of place and I hate being out of place.   As the weekend continued I got happier by the minute.  Boulder Field was beautiful and HUGE and I got to climb on the rocks.  Not quiet sure how far out I got. But all and all the field was crazy fun, despite being hesitant to walk out into it.

The next spot on the camping trip was Hawk Falls.  The trail starts off the side of a main road and after walking maybe fifteen to twenty minutes.  You come to the section of the trail that forks.  You can either continue onto the bottom section of the waterfall.  Or you can take the rocky climb to the top of the falls and look out and see the river to which it feeds.  It is a fun trail I must say.  The Falls are clean so bring a bathing suit and swim in the cold refreshing waters.

After the Falls it is off to the Lake on the state park…… Bring food and drinks with you, because it ridiculously pricey for the food they have there.  Two dollars and fifty cents for water… that is just highway robbery.  The beach is nice the water is refreshing on a hot day.  Not much to say about that other than it’s fun.

We hiked a lot and walked a lot.  But each day we all got together made dinner, had a good time.  That is what I did on my four days off.  I hope to go back next year.


  1. hiroodan says:

    I love nature too. There is a small park near me that I go to. It has a section that is away from civilization. Although not as impressive as a forest in Ohio. I got to experience huge trees and little underbrush. I like it a lot.


  2. hiroodan says:

    Reblogged this on Collection of Scribbles and commented:
    A well written piece by my friend.


  3. hieiyyh2 says:

    Not gonna lie. And I later confessed this next comment to my girlfriend. She asked me if I was thinking “were you growling and getting angry.” I went “Babe. No. The whole time I was thinking. If I spent a month out here I would be able to train to be The Green Arrow and that got me through climbing on top of these boulders.”


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