Old Vampire Harpy Writings

Posted: July 23, 2015 by hieiyyh2 in Gaming
This post was written by myself for a Vampire: The Masquerade Game that I help run.  The Character was the NPC Harpy of the City of New Orleans.  When I first took on the NPC for my “Rogue’s Gallery” of characters.  I was told to think of him like a proper southern gentlemen with a thick southern Droll.
Penned in the most fine and luxurious ink and penmanship the words of the harpy are wrote.

“I dare say tonight has been most interesting and with those nights when one can smell the change coming in the wind. You batten down the hatchets and weather the storm till it becomes safe to stick your pretty little head out. On this night August the 5th The one known as the Mad Prince of New Orleans stepped down and took her trophy of Anthony Vargoss to places unknown. With recent stories circulating about the acts of the former prince it is hardly an action that anyone did not see coming. Now I am just a simple southerner but I do stand to wonder why she would not have taken the child also. But I digress my dear readers.”

The report carries on

“With the former prince gone who was to take the mantle of Prince? Why, none other than the now former Seneschal her self of course. It is a widely know that the Seneschal is the one who takes up the throne when the prince is out of town or in this case abdicates her thorn. With Sonja Reinhardt comes a mess she must clean and one she realized when she took the seat at bequest of the former prince. With the Seneschal gone and now in full power she could have chosen to go unchecked but instead placed into the advisory and second in command role of Seneschal to the now Former regent of the Tremere Chantry Reginald Winston Barnes. There too was a changing of the guard in the Sheriff’s office. Crassida Henry The Swamp Witch has stepped down and in her stead a new face among the filthy rats has been place one Frankie The Fly. I do hope this sheriff is a good choice seeing as he has big shoes to fill. Sonja also made clear a Scourge was appointed but no name was given. A good strong move to keep us all in check should we try to sink our teeth in the fledgeling prince’s pretty little biker throat.”

“On to the matters of what was discussed. For the first I say is one of something that is creeping out of our past and has come to nip at us like a fire trying to return to it’s former glory. One Isobel Rothery of the Clan of Lunatics brought up a Biker Gang….. Now at first before she continued on with her story one would think bikers are just uncouth rabble of human beings with a leather and gas powered bicycle fetish. But the next part struck me as odd. She continued on to say the leader of the Bikers and one other out of those present at her families Elysia, were holy. Has the inquisition found a new order or is it just coincidence I for one hope i am still around to tell the tale should it unfold. One Naji of the clan of the filthy and deformed spoke up and demanded Diplomacy and trying to bring damned of the faith to try and outweigh kine of the faith. Be it far from my simple self to say that every kindred in the world holds to some faith but it is the faith that we are damned by our greatest common Ancestor who by god was cursed to walk for eternity. Others in the tower have begun looking for ways to skirt and keep tabs and shorten the influence of these religious zealot bikers. An effort I hope proves fruitful.”

“With the coming of questions of the second, the new prince made her first decree. The prince has stripped all the families of the tower of their leaders the primogen council will be going under a maintenance of sorts along with all the domains of the clan being broken down to a two block radius around the family’s Elysia. So please do excuse our dust. This took a lot of those present by storm and some hands one of which is filthy and not deformed but shamed in the eyes of the tower and their clan made a plea. But as the prince stated you may find your primogen now but it will not be made official until next court. A member of the clan of the royal bearing stood forth later to address an issue. One known as Justin Trusdale stood for his clan and asked the blue bloods be relocated to a hotel/casino of which one Blaise De La Fontaine started. The prince allowed this should the Blue bloods be able to secure the position of their new domain. As an aside note to these matters I brought the idea of Isobel Rothery to the forefront once again. The woman I dare say has more balls than most in this city and has a far greater ambition than one would give a lunatic credit for. The idea is a simple one a Common Elysia for all to come and talk shop without having to stand on ceremony each time one wants to enter someone’s family home. An Idea which has another month to grow and become as complete as can be. And knowing Ms. Rothery through various talks she is more than capable of finishing this endeavor she has burdened her self with.”

“The third came with only one asking for the right to bare childer. The Ventrue it seems have called for new blood. One Gerard Lancing a man with impeccable tastes and an air of order and justice about him has asked for and was granted the right to have his retainer one Gabriel Hawke to accept the gracious gift of our blood. I have some reservations about this. But I am not prince and I do not have the right to deny one their rights. So I do hope Mr. Hawke’s transformation goes smoothly.”

“And with the forth none came and with the fifth many came forward to be acknowledged and tolerated in our fair city, in one such case a Gangrel stepped forward and in a bold move The new Sheriff Frankie the fly stepped forward to be her sponsor. Be it a strange move on the sheriff’s part or be it design this Gangrel was acknowledged in our city. I did notice one former primogen acting out of place as if he wanted to present people but was unable but one can only guess if the rabble was simply uncomfortable in a business suit seeing as the Rabbel’s taste is not one of the fancy.”

“No matters of destruction were brought forth…..this time.”

“Now my dear readers I dare say this next bit of gossip was one that has plagued our fine city for many a month. As I told you earlier Anthony Vargoss was secreted away by the former bell prince. To which left the fate of the child one Blaise De La Fontaine. The woman was unstaked and stripped of status down to just acknowledged. Let us watch and see if Blaise returns to that former glory she once had here in the Big Easy.”

“My dearest and most attentive readers I do so hope that you enjoyed reading this and I look forward to bringing you more gossip within the halls of the Elysia.”

Signed in the most flourishing and beautiful script handwriting

Montigue De St. Julien



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