PleasANTly Surprised

Posted: July 25, 2015 by Andi Pants in Reviews
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Haha, see what I did there?I am so tacky sometimes I feel physical pain when I do those things…

As I’m sure you can already guess, this is going to be my review on Ant Man. When I first heard that out of all of the Marvel Universe that they were going to make Ant Man into a movie. There are hundreds of other characters that could use a movie in my opinion; and they picked Ant Man. I couldn’t roll my eyes any harder when I heard about it.
Now… Firstly… I will admit to not knowing a lot about Ant Man or his background, his story, anything dealing with him. Minus the fact that Ant Man eventually becomes one of the Avengers… Which, yes it ties in with the whole cinematic world that they’re creating… But… It’s a movie, about a guy, who gets a suit and can shrink down to the size of an ant.
Paul Rudd’s character Scott is a guy who has fallen on some bad luck, was in jail for 3 years and paid for the crime that he committed. Now that he’s out he wants to change his life around and be one of the good guys, but it is hard for someone that got out of jail to hold down a job. Scott wants to be a better father to his daughter also; Cassie is a big motivation factor for him.
Michael Douglas plays Dr. Pym, the man who created the Pym Particle and the suit that Scott eventually steals. Scott’s character is quick thinking and seems to be able to get out of any jam with his quick thinking and super awesome agility. Pym allows for Scott to steal the suit, all while watching him from a security room, because Pym needs someone like Scott to help dismantle the organization being run by someone from Pym’s past; Darren Cross. Darren had made it a life goal to ‘dust off’ the research that Dr. Pym had done in regards to the Pym Particle and using it to shrink things to a fraction of their size. However, Darren, and the rest of the world didn’t already know that Pym had done this ages ago and once wore the suit to help fight in wars. Pym’s daughter Hope, is the only one who knows. Hope works with Cross as his right hand woman, in order to keep an eye on him to see how close they were to getting at her father’s technology. Hope is also a little grumpy pants because her father refuses to let her use the suit despite her understanding how it works, how to use it, and already have an existing connection to the entire situation.
Gonna cut the details there because I’m sure you can either guess, or… You can go see it. (How’s that for helping sales, Marvel… Where’s my cut?) All in all. I’d give the movie a 7/10, and that 7 is still partially due to my bias against a guy who wears a suit to shrink. Though the way they played it out in the movie, and using the strength that the ants can possess was really awesome. Not to mention the way that they can ‘talk to’ the ants; and make friends, and pets out of them.

I was genuinely surprised with how much I enjoyed the movie. There was a great amount of action in the movie but it certainly wasn’t overplayed. There were a few name drops throughout the movie as well as a few good comedic moments. If you payed super close attention to the movie there were a few hints toward future Marvel projects, those sneaky sneaky Marvel people. I am happy that Marvel has gotten away from their messy past with the slip up movies and are only bringing out super good, awesome badass movies now.
P.S there was a trailer for the new Fantastic Four… Which, looks Fantastic. Though I can’t really get passed the whole Johnny Storm/Sue Storm hiccup there that they’re having…

If you’ve seen the movie, let me know what you think. Or if you’ve seen previews for the new Fantastic Four movie and have some opinions on that. I’d love to hear from ya.

  1. hieiyyh2 says:

    I saw this movie last night and I highly enjoyed it. Seeing as Antman is in my Marvel Top 8 I was hesistant about it and looked at with an eye of this “This doesn’t fit the vision. Why?” As the day of release got closer I saw how much love was placed into this film and I was more eager to see it.


  2. I enjoyed the smaller scale of the action (no pun intended) after Age of Ultron was so massive in the destruction and drama. The movie was a nice change of pace and could show us as movie goers that we can expect many different things from this studio. Good review!


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