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Posted: August 6, 2015 by hieiyyh2 in Reviews
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With the embargo lifted the reviews came pouring in and DAMN were they terrible.  IGN labeled their review of Fantastic Four as Fantastic Dour.  Rotten Tomatoes gave it 9%.  Nerdist dot com gave the movie 2 Burritos. Being blasted by fans and casual movie goers alike. Each of the major reviewing sites gave a consistent.  “Where is the family values of this movie.”  So until we can get a good view of the money that was made by this film.  I highly doubt Fox (if they are smart…. and that usually isn’t the case) will be behind a sequel for this reboot.  Or oooo oooo I know they will go the Spider-Man route and reboot it again. -_-‘

Everyone wonders why I hate The Fox/Sony X-Men Movies.  It is because of stuff like this.  The quality, the love, the faith that Disney and Marvel have placed into their movies isn’t present in The Fox/Sony movies.  Fox/Sony and their underwhelming directors take too many liberties with the source materials.  The Studio has to much sway over how the movies should be made.  It leaves for a bad taste in your mouth.  Seeing how Fox/Sony gave Spider-Man to Disney Marvel (with some strange bargaining thing that kept the web-slinger in their pocket for money.) They should pull out all the Marvel Franchises they own and give it to Disney and Marvel and let them handle the movies.

In all honesty Deadpool is my last shot for Fox/Sony in any marvel movies.  If they screw up Deadpool I will be majorly pissed.  Not only have they been teasing Deadpool fans for a long time about a movie, they gave us a funny leaked footage and the comic-con trailer was amazing and so was the Official trailer trailer was hilarious.  So seriously if they screw this up.  I am quitting on any HOPE for fox/sony marvel movies.  (Thats saying a lot.  I am a self proclaimed Blue-Lantern)


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