They’re Running Out of Ideas…

Posted: August 13, 2015 by Andi Pants in Reviews, Television
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There are so many things that I could have titled this one… But I really am deeply, and truly torn about how I feel about this entry. It is positively true though if you really look at it… All fingers are beginning to point that television is stuck on repeat. There are a billion and two cop dramas. Seventeen thousand hospital dramas. Forty-two hundred and seventy two comedies that are all basically the same thing. (These are not real life numbers for the record). They all have the same plot at their base line. Catch the bad guy, save a life, make fun of the in laws… In an earlier post I had broken down what shows would be released this fall, and not only were there more of the same slop that is already on television, they’re now breaking down movies and recycling them for the TV audience. I can think of things that they could do with all of that airtime… (Cough-firefly-cough) I’m sure if they were to spend time, or even hire someone to do it for them, they could peruse the internet long enough to find that someone has put a short story on a website somewhere that could spark fresh life into the television game. The internet is full of wonderful writers who are just begging to be seen, they’ve done all of the work for the networks, they’ve already created the characters, the places, the time line, the entire plot… But TV would rather have more crime solving dramas. This isn’t to say that I don’t enjoy binge watching NCIS, or that House isn’t one of my all-time favorite shows; this isn’t to say that I hate the shows that are on TV now… Just that they need a little help.

So, why do I think that they are truly running out of ideas, minus the above stated? Well… A good friend told me that they were working on doing a Xena reboot. Mhm, that’s right… The Warrior Princess (Which I can say I’ll now be binge watching on my day off… Thank you Netflix) is trying to work her way back onto the airwaves. There isn’t a whole lot of detail around it yet, but lets get into what I did find out.

For those of you who have lived under a rock, Xena, Warrior Princess was a television show that ran from 1995 through 2001. It follows a princess who didn’t want to be the a-typical damsel in distress type of princess, instead, she goes out, gets herself some armor, and beats up on the bad guys. Along the way she has run ins with Gods, Goddesses and even Demi-Gods. (Those of you who know the show know where the next sentence is going) Along with the show Xena, there was also Hercules, the two shows often ran together in a similar sense to what Green Arrow and The Flash do on the CW currently. Now… Personally, I could have not cared any less about Hercules, I’m a huge mythology nerd and so I knew all about him, his trials, his stories; why would I want to watch it on TV? On the other hand, there was Xena, frickin butt whoopin bad ass with a shrill war cry and these awesome chakram weapons that would expertly bounce off of their surroundings to take out the bad guys. I can remember coming home from church with my mother on Sunday’s and either playing Legend of Zelda (N64) or watching Xena completely wide eyed and fully engrossed in the show.

Though everything surrounding the project is just rumor currently, there have been whisperings that it would be a modern day version, but I really don’t see how that would work… I can’t imagine Xena shrieking her famous war cry around New York City and busting up some bad guys while flirting with Ares and laughing at Aphrodite. If they could find a way to work it… It would still be a cool twist.

If they were to do it, I would like to see an honest to goodness real reboot. Take it from season one of the original show and work your way up. Though, I would suggest avoiding what ended up being the shows downfall, in my own opinion. They brought the modern world into it (Ha. See there?) I can remember Lucy Lawless’ character going to a shrink to talk about her past life, as Xena…. Hmm… What? Yeah… I’m all for self discovery, and past lives and what have you… However, the show itself was set way back in the day, when Gods and Goddesses still spoke to people… That’s where it should have stayed. Re-casting the characters would be quite the undertaking though. I can say that having a not so tacky version of the show would be frickin’ sweet…

Again, everything is only rumor… Sadly. Though I imagine that if they bring Xena back, they’ll have to bring Hercules back as well; and I only say ‘sadly’ because I wasn’t a fan. Both shows had, and still have a great following (Seeing as I’m spending all day watching Xena…) but some just loved one over the other. Whereas I was more of a fan of Xena, I have friends who were all about Hercules.

All in all, I still don’t know if I want to see this happen. I’d have to wait until there are solid details surrounding the remake, reboot, continuation; whatever they decide to do with it. All I can hope for, is that if they go down that road, that they do it properly.

What do ya’ll think? Should they go down this path, or leave it where it is? Would you be excited to see Xena return to television?


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