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So What’s New?

Posted: September 30, 2015 by Andi Pants in Uncategorized
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Hello there you lovely reader people, how are ya’ll doing? I would like to personally apologize for my absence as of late. I had a grand total of insanity going on in my life. Thankfully, all of the things I had going on are settling down. I have recently moved a good 500 miles from where I had been prior; there were many factors involved in that but we don’t need to delve into it. What we do need to dive into is what is going on with G.N on my end.
All of our favorite television shows are starting back up, and the new ones that I had previously written about are going to start kicking off here shortly, so I’m sure to review a few of those. In addition to my reviews I’ll be adding to the recipe line in a similar fashion that Hiei does because my new next door neighbor’s daughter is an author, she writes cookbooks. So in addition to putting up recipes, I’ll be telling you where I’ve got them from, and where you guys can find the books too! I’m looking forward to trying to find an articulate way to explain Magic the Gathering decks that I’ve been building, without flooding pages of lists and pictures to flat out show ya’ll with.
If I am not mistaken we are out a month of our creative corner, so I may have to whip something up of my own and face the fire to put it out on display; something that I don’t do… Ever. So ya’ll need to feel some kind of special about that.

The biggest and best news that we’ve got for this post though is the introduction of our newest writer. He is going to add a new style to reviews, specializing in movies that no one has really heard of, anime’s, music and video games. Surely Duo will also add a few random posts here and there, seeing as clearly, none of us stay in our respective lanes here at GN. But we are happy to welcome him onto the team. We will be sure to push him to get his personal page up and organized so that ya’ll can read more about our newest member and you will all see a post from him sooner rather than later.

While we are on the topic of all things that are new. We at GN are always open to feedback! We always want to hear from you! If there is a topic that you want to hear our side of, if there is a recipe that you want us to try, if there is a writing prompt you’d like to throw into the Creative Corner, all I can say is do it! We don’t know how to better ourselves for our readers if ya’ll are just quiet.

One last thing on the new train… Though we’ve all got these crazy schedules, Hiei, Duo and myself are still looking to find a time and a place to do more of a vlog, or even just a recording of ourselves debating a certain topic, bringing our opinions to light. The topic that we’ve gone over in our discussions is very exciting, and we can’t wait to share it with you.

Stick with us for all kinds of new and exciting things here at Generation Nerd!



Coffee Nerd

Posted: September 16, 2015 by hieiyyh2 in Coffee Shop Talk
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How do you explain to someone who has never drank a cup of coffee in their life the joy you get from coffee……. Simple.  Here we go.

When I was a boy of twelve I asked my mother if I could try her coffee.  We were at my uncle’s house and I sat there cringing at the taste (because my mother drinks coffee with no sugar). But something clicked in my brain, not just the rush of caffeine.  But the taste alone became pleasant the more I drank.  This was back when my mother was a devout member of the clan of Dunkin.  It was smooth and creamy (mostly from the half and half).  As I grew older, I became more and more attuned to the coffee and how I enjoyed it’s taste.  Dunkin claims their coffee is how coffee should be brewed and taste.  Of course they are going to claim that it’s how they get people.

Here is what I have noticed over the years of drinking coffee.

Dunkin Donut: Light Roast blend, smooth to taste, mass produced from their main distribution centers.  Comes in a variety of flavors.  Fast food style making of the coffee, changing coffee regularly to prevent burning (depending on which dunkin you go to.)

Now for Starbucks.  This experience is different for me, I enjoy their coffee immensely.  They come in a range of Light to Dark Roast.  Primarily dark roasts with strong tastes that mimic the coffee styles of Europe.  Their coffee blends come from all over the world from various bean roasters.  Most people who are not used to the dark roast bold flavors will deem this coffee bad (wrongfully) or will deem their coffees too expensive.  It is the specialty drinks that are expensive.  Coffee is cheaper and comparatively priced to Dunkin.

Tim Hortons: This is an excellent light roast blend of coffee from Canada and near the border of Canada.  This is the Dunkin of Canada….. but the coffee is A LOT better.  If you ever go to Canada or Buffalo or a town near the border of Canada….. Find yourself a Tim Hortons and give it a try.


Seattle’s Best: This is the sister company to Starbucks and is light roast blends and are Ultra Smooth to the taste.  Like Dunkin and Tim Horton’s.  Also this coffee tastes better than Dunkin.


I could go into the Quick Check; Wawa; 7/11 blends but they are good and on the level of Tim Hortons their coffee’s are good but you can add as much cream and sugar or other stuff as you like….

Now for the new comer.  Death Wish Coffee Company.  From Upstate NY (Round Lake to be precise)  They are a dark roast blend…. but unlike a lot dark roast blends….. They are smooth and not bitter to the taste.  They are a fair trade and organic blend of coffee….. and they are the strongest coffee in the world.  Currently Death Wish has Seven blends of Coffee (Original Death Wish; Valhalla Java; Barrel Blend Rum, Wine, Whiskey, Bourbon; Pumpkin)  I have not tasted a coffee that made me feel like that first time Coffee made me feel amazing.  I was hooked from the first cup all over again with Death Wish.


If you would like me to review a specific blend of coffee, let me know in the comments.

The Rise

Posted: September 10, 2015 by hieiyyh2 in creative corner

At this point it is fan fiction as I will never be able to write for Vampire: The Masquerade Officially

This is the beginning of a story I came up with for V:tM set in NYC.  A bit of setting.  The Camarilla has managed to hold the city for the better part of fifteen years with the Sabbat sweeping the East Coast, NYC is the foot hold On the East Coast for the Camarilla as they try to reverse the tidal wave of the Sabbat.  In this fan fiction I will take through the turmoil of NYC.


The Majestic Theater
New York City, August 31 2015

The theater was quiet save for the sound of the night janitorial crew clean and making sure the theater was clean for the cast of Phantom of the Opera to rehearse in the morning.  The cameras watched the slow process and Marcus Prince head of the security for The Majestic watched the monitors and took notes.  Everything seemed normal as prince’s eyes scanned for anything.  Nothing ever happened at night, but he had to be alert his boss Alejandro Baxton was expecting his utter best.  Sipping his coffee he turned away from the monitors which blinked off and than back on by the time Marcus turned back.  The only company Marcus had was his radio which played the sultry tones of Mozart.

The night was going normally until Marcus’s eyes landed on monitor seven, the picture was suddenly alive with activity as one of the Janitor’s flew backward hitting hard and landing on his face.  Marcus watched on in horror as the janitor’s body floated off the floor.  The Janitor’s legs kicking helplessly at the air beneath.  When the Janitor’s head began to tear from the rest of his body, Marcus picked up the only weapon he had his Smith and Wesson Collapsible heat treated baton, his cell phone and keys to the building.  Before exiting he did what his boss had ordered, call him, not the police….. “Fuck no answer.”  Marcus cursed as he made his way out into the theater’s halls.

Upon exiting, Marcus was shocked to see another janitor mouth permanently open in a state of shock.  “George?” He said and knelt, not registering the fact that his voice made no noise.  Marcus felt for a pulse, only to find none.  “Who ever……” He started shocked to find no sound came from his mouth.  Marcus did the only thing he could think of and flicked his wrist to make his baton go to it’s proper length.  The seasoned security guard, kept his head on a swivel as he made his way down the halls.  Finding more bodies as he moved.  He made his way to the main audience area.  What he found shocked him more than the bodies in the halls.

Hanging from the ceiling was the main prop of the iconic show which was featured at this theater.  The Chandelier, rigged with a bomb and mangled inside was Alejandro who was slowly coming to.  Before he could call out for help a man was in his face fist flying.  With no time to react, Marcus knocked out cold.


Looking down at the body of the head of security, the unknown man dusted his knuckles.  “Is that best your pets can do Alejandro?  I am sorely disappointed in you.  At least when the sabbat ran things in this city, our ghouls were tougher.  I look forward to dismantling the grip The Camarilla has on this city.  I will start by turning your precious pet.”  The unknown man said as he grinned up at the barely conscious prince of the city. “Say goodbye to him.”  He said as he dug his fangs in and drained The Security guard dry.  ”
“I will make him like me a master of shadow.  A much more worthy new vampire than a stuffy old Ventrue like yourself.”  He said as Alejandro moved around.


Alejandro had no wear to go, no wear to call out too.  All he could think of doing finding away to save Marcus from a fate in the Sabbat.  He used his only option and prayed he could get his vitae into the drained  ghoul.  With a grunt of concentration, Alejandro tore open his flesh with a movement against his restraints and allowed his blood to fall down and into his now dead ghoul’s mouth….  NOO he thought as his blood and that of man who was turning his ghoul mixed in Marcus’s waiting mouth…. What would the fate of Marcus Prince be with mixed vitae in his system.

It was time for plan B.

Closing his eyes in defeat, Alejandro let his spirit exit his body to the Astral Plane he wasn’t sure how this would play out but he no other option.  The spirit clung onto Marcus’s body and stayed with him even as the unknown assaliant dragged Marcus out of the building and into a van and off into the night..  He had to hope that this would work as the timer next to him dwindled down to 0 and than detonated.


The Majestic theater exploded taking chunks of the adjoining building with it.



I hope you enjoyed this preview of my Vampire: The Masquerade Fan-Fiction.  If you want me to continue please like and comment below.  Thank you