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Posted: October 4, 2015 by Andi Pants in creative corner
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(Our usual creative writer, Penn, is stuck in his own whirlwind of hooplah! which is why this one is so late… and you’ll be stuck with another from me this month.)

His eyes, usually the vibrant blue, had been tainted by the yellow that formed where the whites should’ve been, the color crept slowly into the iris, threatening to take over completely. He had the man by the throat, holding him up against the wall as if it was effortless, as if the man weighed no more than a feather. A deep feral growl came from him as the man whimpered and did his best to wiggle free from the grasp. Leon was hardly aware of the small red head at his side, begging and pleading for him to not kill the man, her voice was a distant whisper somewhere in the back of his mind. “Yeah man…” The guy whose life was in the hand of the werewolf choked. “Listen to… the… lady…” The helpless man pat at the tense hand at his throat and shot his eyes to the girl, no more than 18 at his best guess; she held two small swords in her hands for only a moment before putting them away, the silver of the blades being cloaked by a dark sheath.

No sooner did her hands touch Leon’s arm, his instant reaction was to remove the obstacle, and so he did, flinging the small female a good ten to fifteen feet away. She crumbled onto the ground with hardly more than a grumble and a whimper. She remained there for a moment, regaining her senses as her long hair tumbled in front of her face in layered waves. “Cal… We’re going to need you…” She grumbled while slowly pushing herself to her feet. She heard the distressed response from the succubus and shook her head. “When you can.” She replied before straightening her stance, holding her left hand to the back of her head a warm light glowing, slowly healing the redhead, sealing the wound, stopping the blood she felt trickling down the back of her neck, tangling itself into the strands of already red hair.

“Leon…” She began, stepping up to the werewolf again, being sure to stay out of arm, and leg reach. She’d only seen him this way once before, and for a moment, she was able to snap him out of it, but it was Callie who soothed the savage beast that raged now, and Taryn was afraid that it’d be just the same again. At hearing his name, the tall man shifted his gaze from the man he held against the crackling drywall to the little red head. He bared his teeth which were now formed into fangs and growled at her. Her instant response, knowing that Leon often growled at her, was to bare her own teeth, and growl back, in the only manner that a small female could. “Snap out of it man. You know what’ll happen if he dies at your hand. He is a human…” She pleaded while pointing to the useless man. Callie quietly stepped into view behind Leon, doing all she could, though knowing it would fail to sneak up to him, all she needed was her hand to his flesh and this bomb would be defused.

He moved with preternatural speed, jerking around to face Callie, even having switched the hand that held the man at the throat, causing the poor soul to choke and gasp all over again. “Oh hey there big man…” She smiled and nodded, putting her hands out defensively. “Just… Ya know… Checking on you.” Leon let out a growl so loud it may as well have been a roar. Callie nodded and took a few steps back but her attention shifted sharply as she heard the snap, quickly followed by the shriek of the red head screaming ‘no’ in response to what had happened.

“No, no, no, no…” The red head shoved at the werewolf forgetting any bit of caution that she had for herself. It distracted Leon enough for Callie to get a hand on his wrist; no sooner did their flesh connect in contact had his eyes shifted the feral yellow of the wolf that controlled him seemed to fade away instantly; his hand going limp even as Taryn pushed him one more time, catching him off balance. “No, he’s not. He’s not…” The little red head was mumbling incoherently as she knelt next to the man, throwing her gloves off and rubbing her hands together furiously. “I’ll fix it. It’ll be better.” She nodded as she looked up to Leon with a quick flash of a smile before cupping her hands around the man’s throat, though not physically touching him, one hand at the front and one at the back.

Leon blinked a few times, taking it all in before jerking his hand away from Callie, kneeling next to the man and the red head. There was a distinct fear running through his entire body, making the man who typically ran at 100 degrees on an average feel colder than he had been in his entire life. He stared intently at Taryn’s hands, as if willing them to correct his error. “Shit…” He mumbled and shook his head. Even as he did, Taryn did the same, shaking her head while looking to him.

“Nah, Leon, it’ll be okay. You’ll see…” The remainder of the group had joined, Saron stared down, placing a hand on Callie’s shoulder, as well as the kneeling Leon’s, assessing the situation quickly, the usually aloof Saron grew somber, standing still silently as the four of them all but prayed that Taryn would be able to fix it. “Why don’t you guys take a walk, I need to focus, I am running on borrowed time here…” She nodded and flipped her long red hair over her shoulder before rubbing her hands together again this time forming an orb between her hands and shoving it into the man’s chest. His flesh seemed to glow momentarily, body convulsing like he had been shocked before slumping into a lifeless pile on the ground again. “No!” She shouted at the body before doing it again.

Werewolves, for all their strength and dexterity, had a weakness, just as anyone else. For each human life that was taken by them they became haunted by the soul of the person who had died. A curse that would follow them for the remainder of their lives, as if having a conscience wasn’t bad enough; it then escalates to having someone that no one else could see, or hear follow you at almost all times, tied to your soul as a permanent mark of what you had done. A great number of wolves had gone insane with the amount of souls that had been tied to their own. A similar number of wolves had killed themselves because of it. In his 24 years he had managed to control it, or get it under control before it got this far.

They all looked as Taryn drained herself into trying to bring back the man, it was something so simple, heal a broken bone, she’d done it plenty of times. But she’d never brought someone back from the dead, and she was determined to not give up until she gave out. As the group watched the color from her skin and hair fade from the usual pale porcelain and vibrant red, it was Leon who leaned forward and shook his head, gently taking the girl’s hands. “No use… Even you have limits, Taryn…” He muttered before sitting up. Taryn pulled away from him, trying again, putting everything she had into it, even as the tears started down her cheeks. With one last orb; one last effort of what energy she could muster, the red head fainted, her body collapsing on the ground next to the one that she had tried so desperately to save.  Leon shook his head and shifted, catching her just before she hit the ground because of him, for the second time that night; something that he would beat himself up for surely.

“She’s got a good heart.” An unfamiliar voice started as Leon scooped the girl off of the ground and turned to face his team, there, next to Callie and Saron was a non-corporeal version of the man whose physical body laid on the ground. “Either that or she’s got the hots for you.” He smirked and shrugged, shifting his hands into the pockets of his jeans. “Think I’m stuck in this one outfit for the rest of your life?” He seemed to rock from his heels to his toes, though Leon was wise enough to realize that he wasn’t there, that it wasn’t real.

“Shut up…” He muttered before shifting his eyes to Callie and Saron, “He’s next to you.” He growled, Callie literally jumped as far as the little motion would allow, bringing Saron to bend in half laughing. Leon smirked, and shifted the red head. “Let’s go.”

Once they had returned to their quarters everything seemed to have a hushed calm blanket over. “I’ll take first watch.” Taryn jumped to her feet and shuffled after Leon, who looked at her with the look of ‘Uh.. What?’. Taryn propped her hands on her hips and looked behind her to Callie and Saron. “We discussed it while you were in the shower. For the first night or so, one of us is going to keep an eye on you, and… you…” she wiggled her index finger around the room meaning the spirit that now followed Leon. “And trust and believe me mister, I did what I could to save your ass, but if need be, I’ll take my own trip to the spirit world and give you a whipping if you’re not nice to my puppling.” Leon growled as Saron and Callie laughed. Taryn waved Leon on toward his personal quarters where she’d keep camp on the ground.

“This is weird, you don’t have to do it. Dave even says you don’t.” He shrugged off to the right side, watching the bright green eyes shift from him to the air next to him. “Yeah, his name is Dave. We’re sorta on a first name basis.” Taryn bit the inside of her lip, hiding the smirk.

“Well, lead on puppling, you’re stuck with me tonight…” She took a deep breath in before dropping her usual happy façade. “I need this…” She confessed as she closed the door to rec room behind herself.

Leon shook his head before shifting to a nod. “I know you do, that’s why I’m not protesting it as much as I’d like.” He wrapped an arm around her, pulling her close as they walked the all of 50 feet of the government styled hallway to his room, “But…” the arm that wrapped around her, snaked so that his arm was around her neck. “Keep calling me those little pet names, and we’re going to fight…” He took his fist and rubbed it all over the top of her head as she flailed and wiggled, pushing at his arm, the both of them laughing for the first time since they were brought back to the strange barracks that they had grown to know as ‘home.’

That night had been filled with talk, and very little sleep. Leon and Taryn came to know Dave, his life, and that he wasn’t as horrible of a person as what they had been told that Dave was. For a short period of time, Leon had felt worse about what had happened with Dave; but both Dave and Taryn changed his thought process, showing him that it was better to be stuck with the soul of someone who wasn’t horrible, nor the soul of an Underling, the twisted demonic creations that special teams, like the one that Leon and Taryn were assigned to, were brought together to kill.


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