Big Mouth (Netflix)

Posted: October 9, 2017 by hieiyyh2 in Reviews
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Do you remember the awkward days of puberty?  When you didn’t realize all the crazy stuff going on with your body was completely natural?  When you laughed at your friends going through voice cracks and pimples?  Well if you do than you will get a kick out of this cartoon.  Through the magic of animation.  Nick Kroll and friends make us relive those awkward days.  It is loose with it’s rules.  But it is pretty funny.  I laughed pretty hard during some of the situations that happen.  Especially with the Maurice the hormone monster.  It is crass and vulgar and if you have a dark and twisted sense of humor.  Big Mouth is for you.  If not……..well skip it.  I personally give this show a 7 out 10.  Why?  Because it really isn’t for everyone there is some scenes that will make you go

wtf When I say this show is not for everyone I MEAN IT!  Do not take this as a “HAHAHA Hiei you don’t know what you’re talking about” moment.  I have a dark and twisted sense of humor and I had moments where I was going “Okay that’s just too far.”  If you want to give it a chance.  Go for it.  If not that’s fine too.


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