11035841_10152621052817373_3758797771146181097_nGREEEETINGS AND WELCOME TO THE PAGE THAT IS ME!!!!!!……… <_< That just seems way to grandiose. Ahh Hmm. Hello I am Adam better known as Hiei here on the blog. A few years back I wanted to create a site that allowed the voices of the nerd community to be heard. As I worked on my idea it grew into something bigger. Bigger as in I want this site to a place where the communities at large can come and get news. Not world news but nerd world news. I want you to come here to find out about the latest conventions. The newest video games and what people think or hope for. Yet as I plotted and planned I realized I would need a strong second in command. That is when I tapped my old friend Andi. She is tech savvy with the web to a point where I am like DUHHHH I LIKE THIS SHINY BUTTON YOU MAKE WORK! Which is fine collaboration is about people melding their skills together to form something awesome. As the months past and the posts came in with a much better looking site (Thank you Andi). I came up with an idea that sparked from a long lost time in my days hosting a podcast along side my friend Jon. The Sons of Geekdom podcast (While only 8 episodes long) sparked into my current project which I am labeling. NERDLY RADIO PODCAST. Like it’s forerunner SoG, it will be about the random musings of myself and my co-workers. That is until we can get guests and have them talk about their brain children.

Enough about what Generation Nerd is. This page is about myself. I am a twenty nine, my passions include. Cooking; reading; writing; podcasting; listening to music; watching movies and TV.
My favorite books include. A Song of Ice and Fire Series; The War Of The Spider Queen Series; The Dragonlance Books by Margret Weiss and Tracy Hickmann; The Harry Potter Series; Sherlock Holmes; toooooo many to fully list.

Movies: Grandma’s Boy; Tommy Boy; Billy Madison; The Harry Potter Movies; The Current Marvel Cinematic Universe Movies; The Batman Movies (Except Beyond and Batman & Robin); Batteries Not Included; Animal House; The Lord of The Rings; Knights of Badassdom.

Music: Metallica; Blind Guardian; NoFx; Hollywood Undead; Eminem; Gangstagrass; MXPX; Sublime; The Doors; The Steve Miller Band; Blue Swede; The Black Crowes; Kiss; Kanas; The Zac Brown Band;

TV: DOCTOR WHO!; Sherlock; Arrow; The Originals; Shameless; Workaholics; Silicon Valley

Besides for my blog. I am usually a very private person and I do not share private things very often. My posts are usually not personally related. I will get political from time to time I love to debate people I find it fun. I love to make people laugh.

Welcome to The Generation Nerd.


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