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Coffee Nerd

Posted: September 16, 2015 by hieiyyh2 in Coffee Shop Talk
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How do you explain to someone who has never drank a cup of coffee in their life the joy you get from coffee……. Simple.  Here we go.

When I was a boy of twelve I asked my mother if I could try her coffee.  We were at my uncle’s house and I sat there cringing at the taste (because my mother drinks coffee with no sugar). But something clicked in my brain, not just the rush of caffeine.  But the taste alone became pleasant the more I drank.  This was back when my mother was a devout member of the clan of Dunkin.  It was smooth and creamy (mostly from the half and half).  As I grew older, I became more and more attuned to the coffee and how I enjoyed it’s taste.  Dunkin claims their coffee is how coffee should be brewed and taste.  Of course they are going to claim that it’s how they get people.

Here is what I have noticed over the years of drinking coffee.

Dunkin Donut: Light Roast blend, smooth to taste, mass produced from their main distribution centers.  Comes in a variety of flavors.  Fast food style making of the coffee, changing coffee regularly to prevent burning (depending on which dunkin you go to.)

Now for Starbucks.  This experience is different for me, I enjoy their coffee immensely.  They come in a range of Light to Dark Roast.  Primarily dark roasts with strong tastes that mimic the coffee styles of Europe.  Their coffee blends come from all over the world from various bean roasters.  Most people who are not used to the dark roast bold flavors will deem this coffee bad (wrongfully) or will deem their coffees too expensive.  It is the specialty drinks that are expensive.  Coffee is cheaper and comparatively priced to Dunkin.

Tim Hortons: This is an excellent light roast blend of coffee from Canada and near the border of Canada.  This is the Dunkin of Canada….. but the coffee is A LOT better.  If you ever go to Canada or Buffalo or a town near the border of Canada….. Find yourself a Tim Hortons and give it a try.


Seattle’s Best: This is the sister company to Starbucks and is light roast blends and are Ultra Smooth to the taste.  Like Dunkin and Tim Horton’s.  Also this coffee tastes better than Dunkin.


I could go into the Quick Check; Wawa; 7/11 blends but they are good and on the level of Tim Hortons their coffee’s are good but you can add as much cream and sugar or other stuff as you like….

Now for the new comer.  Death Wish Coffee Company.  From Upstate NY (Round Lake to be precise)  They are a dark roast blend…. but unlike a lot dark roast blends….. They are smooth and not bitter to the taste.  They are a fair trade and organic blend of coffee….. and they are the strongest coffee in the world.  Currently Death Wish has Seven blends of Coffee (Original Death Wish; Valhalla Java; Barrel Blend Rum, Wine, Whiskey, Bourbon; Pumpkin)  I have not tasted a coffee that made me feel like that first time Coffee made me feel amazing.  I was hooked from the first cup all over again with Death Wish.


If you would like me to review a specific blend of coffee, let me know in the comments.

Hawaiian Chicken Salad

Posted: August 21, 2015 by hieiyyh2 in Cooking With Hiei
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Today is nice and simple it is a salad.

What you will need

Your Favorite Chicken Salad
Lettuce (I prefer spinach or Baby Lettuce Mix)
Half an Onion
Grape Fruit
Grape Tomatoes
Mango Vinaigrette (Homemade or Store bought)
Feta Cheese is optional

First things first.  After you make your favorite Chicken Recipe or Prepacked from the store, set it to the side.  Now.  Wash your lettuce mix in a salad mixer and also set to the side.  Dice your half of onion, than cut half of your pineapple into cubes.  (The other half will be used for the optional dessert recipe at the bottom. 🙂 ) Peel your grapefruit and break into wedges and than half the wedges.  Wash your grape tomatoes and than cut them in half.  Combine Lettuce, Onion, Pineapple, grapefruit and a good portion of your tomatoe halves (the rest you can give to people to add more tomatoes if they like.) Serve the salad in bowls with 1 to 2 scoops of Chicken Salad.  Sprinkle on the Feta cheese and than add as much dressing as you desire and mix it all together and enjoy.


Grilled Pineapple Chunks over Ice Cream

This one is SUPER Easy folks.

Using the remaining half of Pineapple, cube it and place cubes in a grill safe dish (Aluminum Foil Chaffing trays work great for this.)  Set grill to low to medium heat.  Add Cinnamon and sugar to the pineapples if you desire.  Place the dish of pineapple onto the grill, close door and all to heat.  Stir occasionally so all the flavors incorporate.  Once the pineapple get nice and soft and the juice is in the pan and it smells amazing…..  Serve over a nice big bowl of Vanilla Ice Cream (Or any ice cream you desire really)

Tonight on cooking with Hiei.  I will give an easy recipe that will have an amazing taste and will give people the impression that hey you can cook a great meal.


1 box of Orzo
Chicken Stock (Homemade or from a box)
1 Jar of Vodka Sauce (I prefer Victoria’s but if you have a favorite use that)
1 Package of Chicken
Feta or Parmesan Cheese
Balsamic Vinegar
Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Or Garlic Oil I prefer Garlic Oil)
Turmeric (Optional)
Dill (Optional)

Make the Chicken First it takes the  longest to cook

Set Oven to 375 degrees
In an oven safe baking dish. Sprinkle some oil on the bottom of the dish enough to coat but not enough to make the chicken swim in oil.  Place the chicken in the dish, put some oil on the chicken (Again do not drown the chicken in oil just enough to flavor it.)  Sprinkle Salt and pepper over the chicken and small sprinkle of Turmeric and Dill over the chicken.

Bake for 35 to 40 minutes

Once this is done, remove the oven.  (Chick should be white all the way through that is how you know it is done.)  Take half of the chicken you made, slice or shred it.  Than set it off to the side along with the whole pieces.

Make the Pasta

Bring the Chicken Stock to a rolling boil.  Add whole box of Orzo (Or Half of a box) There will be a lot so you may have left overs to enjoy later.  Follow the boxes directions for cooking time on the Orzo.  Stir occasionally.  Once it is done save 1 cup of the stock off to the side.

Make the Sauce

In a sauce pan, over medium heat.  Melt a couple pats of butter.  Place in entire jar of sauce and a cup of the stock from the pasta portion.  Once it starts to bubble add two or three dashes of Balsamic Vinegar and 1 table spoon of Feta or Parmesan Cheese.  Stir until the sauce is evenly heated and everything is incorporated.

Bring it together.  In the pan with the orzo add the shredded chicken, half of the reserved stock and mix in a good portion of the sauce and leave the rest of the sauce off to the side for people to place extra sauce on their pasta.  Mix in one more table spoon of Feta or Parmesan Cheese.  Mix well.

One the dishes Place one whole piece of chicken and one or two scoops of pasta.  Serve with salad of your liking.