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The sound of a bell can be heard ringing throughout the FCFF state of the art arena.  A microphone descends from the rafters to the announcer’s hand.

“WELCOME FIGHT FANS TO ANOTHER NAIL BITING EPISODE OF FICTIONAL CHARACTER FICTION FIGHT!!”   The crowd goes wild and from the commentators box we see our host standing by.

“Good evening fight fans.  Tonight is a match up that is not soon to be forgotten.  Tonight’s fight is a fight of wits, bravery, stealth and variety of combat.  Tonight we pit.  Oliver Queen A.K.A The Green Arrow vs Ezio Auditore Da Firenze.  FCFF Database bring forth our combatants and enlighten the fans.”

Time Stream Active, combatant located 1504

Ezio Auditore Da Firenze.
Age: 44
Profession: Master Assassin
Skills: Free Running; Pick Pocketing; Hand to Hand Combat; Sword Combat; Hidden Weapon Combat; Eagle Sense; Blending Into Crowds; Public Assassination
Weapons: Short Sword; Hidden Blade; Hook Blade; Throwing Knives; Poison Darts; Smoke Bombs; Wheel Lock Wrist Mounted Gun; Crossbow
Armor: The Master Assassin’s Personal armor which combines upgrades to his Father’s armor/Robes and combines elements of Ezio’s ancestor Altair.


At the age in which we found our combatant, he has been in office of Master Assassin of Italian Assassins for only 1 year.  He has successfully assassinated a slew of notable templars including the Pope Borgia.  The 11 years that followed led Ezio to search for more of the order of Assassins and brought him to the birth place of the order which had been overrun by Templars.  Ezio’s time as Master Assassin shaped not just Italian members but global members as well.  Ezio will in the future speak directly to one of his future modern day decedent Desmond Miles.  Even later than the time we have plucked the combatant out of.  Before retiring Ezio’s speed in free running was unmatched even by younger assassins and theives.

Ezio at the age of 18 and not formally trained in the art of assassination stumbled upon his father’s armory when his family home in Venice was attacked by the templars.  In order to save his family he suited up in his father’s armor and rushed headlong to the site where his father, and brothers were executed only to reach them too late.  Ezio is chased out of the city by Borgia and his men.

Ezio’s training and induction into the order of assassins were handled by his uncle and now mentor Mario.  Ten years Ezio spent at his uncles Villa training night and day in order to take revenge upon Borgia.  Even after leaving the tutelage of his uncle Ezio never stopped training.  Keeping himself in peek physical condition.  It was rumored that near the end of his life it was Ezio’s lack constantly training that lead to his demise and having a heart attack on a bench in his Personal Villa with his daughter looking on as her father went peacefully into the afterlife.

Ezio arsenal of weapons are the work of Leonardo Da Vinci.  Both masterful and elegant they are fine tuned and deadly.  Coupled with his skills these weapons can be used in many different ways and fashions.  Disarming is an art that has served Ezio well over the years to give him the advantage in close range combat.  But his biggest asset comes in his Eagle Sense.  The eagle sense is a heightened form of Eagle Vision.  Not only can Ezio pick out enemies in crowd, he can easily track objects as well.


Universal Temporal Field Lock…….. Area Scan….. Area Scan.  Target Locked.
Oliver Queen Located………. Transporting.

Oliver Queen
Alias: The Arrow, The Emerald Archer, The Green Arrow
Occupation: Mercenary and Detective as Green Arrow
Mayor of Star City as Oliver Queen
Skills: Free Running, Master Archer, Multiple Forms of Hand to Hand Combat, Arrow Making, Botany, Fluent in multiple languages, Inflitration Expert, Torture,
Known affiliations: A.R.G.U.S; The League of Shadows; The Justice League; Team Arrow
Weapons: Bow and Arrows, Trick Arrows, Sword, Dagger, hand darts,

Oliver Queen was a rich and pampered playboy for the vast majority of his life.  Born with a platinum spoon in his mouth.  Was also a known womanizer.  That is until he was ship wrecked on an island and forced to learn to survive.  The Island was a cruel place which quickly broke the fragile boy and tempered him into a man.  On the island he would run into non-other than the merciless mercenary Slade Wilson.  Slade would be come instrumental in Oliver’s fighting skills and honing Oliver’s killer instinct.  But the two’s relationship went south and they became bitter enemies the animosity came to a head after Slade became nearly unstopable super solider.  On a ship of the scientist who wanted to the super solider formula made by the WWII Japanese Scientists. Oliver took out Slade’s eye and the ship went down and Oliver thought Slade had died.  Oliver was subsequently picked up in the ocean by A.R.G.U.S and brought to Hong Kong.  A.R.G.U.S “rescued” Oliver in order to bring him into the agency and be a tool for killing bad guys.  Without realizing it Oliver learned many skills from his “Handler” mostly the art of Torture.

Oliver’s skill with the bow is nearly unmatched, the only people on the planet closest to his skills is Malcolm Merlin and Oliver’s own Protege Speedy.  Oliver has displayed on many occasions hitting multiple targets with one shot finding and hitting the mark even if the target is moving.  After a confrontation with Ras Al Ghul the leader of the League of Shadows.  Oliver’s skills were questioned and after coming back from near death Oliver fell in with the league to become the next Ras Al Ghul.  His training in sword and archery were only increased and honed to a razor’s edge.  It is debateble on weather or not Oliver can go Toe to Toe with batman but we will save that for another time.


The Field is set sending in the combatants.


The field is a city scape.  In this fight neither have a home court advantage as the both thrive in this setting. Oliver perched on high looks about for any signs of danger to the city.  Always on guard.  Down below Ezio goes over the information he has gleaned on his target Oliver Queen.  Once he done he puts the paper away and concentrates and looks around spotting a potential enemy on the roof of a near by building.  Quickly Ezio is gone and moving milling through the crowd.

On the roof top Oliver waits knowing patience will win out.  Than he heard just the tiniest of gravel move and Oliver spins just in time to catch a throwing knife flying at his head.

“And whom do I have the pleasure of being attacked by tonight?”  Oliver says muscles on edge as he watches the calm hooded man before him.  “WHO SENT……….”  The assaliant throws down something small which fills the roof with smoke.  Acting on instinct alone Oliver swings his bow out catching a sword in mid swing. “You’re not fooling around.”

As the camera trys to catch a glimpse of the fight in the smoke all you hear is clink, clink, clink.  The smoke clears as the silent hooded Ezio uses the momentum of a swing from oliver to disarm bow from archer.  Ezio’s sword gets replaced into it’s sheath and he holds up his hand and motions Oliver forward.  Oliver makes a break for the bow and with impressive speed he rolls under a punch from Ezio and toward the bow.  And in one quick motion Oliver gets off a shot and mid flight the head of the arrow pops and the punching glove trick arrow catches ezio in the face knocking him back. Capitalizing on the situation Oliver follows up his shot and hits Ezio with a grapple arrow pinning ezio to the pole behind him.  “WHY ARE YOU ATTACKING ME?”

Ezio looks up and grins and with a heavy accent of Italian.  “Because Mr. Queen you are my target.”  With a few quick moves Ezio is out and with speed born from years of assassinating people Ezio throws his knife spins and throws another and another and than something else.  Oliver blocks the three but gets caught in the arm with the forth.  The effects are immediate and Oliver stumbles…. and before he can react Ezio is in his face punching Oliver in the stomach and than grabbing him by the face.  The hidden blade on his wrist pops out the back of Oliver’s neck and the green arrows body goes limp.

Ezio helps the limp body to the ground and swipes the blood of his target’s neck onto a white handkerchief.

The scene pulls out and Ezio and Oliver both get zapped and sent back to their respective timelines and places.

Host:  AND THERE YOU HAVE IT.  The Winner is Ezio.  Both were very skilled combatants.  But Olivers down fall was his inability or willingness to kill.  Ezio’s training in combat far outclasses Oliver’s the crafty old Assassin was able to combine his thrown weapons to get in the edge.