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Welcome to Hiei’s One Shot Adventures.  In these posts I will be writing short one shot adventurers and stories for Storytellers; Dungeon Masters; Game Masters.  Feel free to use these in your games and tell me how they went.  Enjoy

One Shot Story for VtM (any edition)

Level of players (starting, just getting to know the game.)

The Scene opens in the office of the senchel (insert name here).  The senchel has an envelope on her desk with the seal of the prince on the fold holding the letter in place.  As your characters enter the room, the senchel raises out of a sign of what mutual respect she can show to someone of your status in the city.

(Players can greet if they like at this point.  Once they are done continue)

Senchel: Hello neonates, I hope the night finds you all well.  I am sure you are curious as to why you have all been gathered here this night.  So let me skip the formalities and allow me to get to the heart of the matter.

At this point the senchel opens the letter and reads

I wish I could be in your presence this night to relay my task for you this even.  But I have been called away to perform duties on another matter.  I have left detailed instructions for you with My right hand.  This night you and your compatriots will be going into the slums of the city.  The sheriff has heard rumors that an agent of the Sabbat has been hiding there.  It will be your task to mark this target for the sheriff so that we can eradicate the sword from even getting a toe hold in our city.

There will be a good reward for you should be successful in rooting out this mole.


The Prince (Insert name)

The senchel than puts down the letter and looks at your party.  I will give you a few nights to come up with a plan of action.  If you can bring in the Sabbat alive for questioning that would be a plus.

(Give your players time to come up with plans let them think about their strengths and weaknesses.  Once planning is done.  Skip to the night of confrontation.)

It is at this point you can come up with a Sabbat lick that would be able to give the players a slight challenge but not impossible.  Make sure they go over their plan.  And make sure that they get rewarded for their actions in EXP and some sort of recognition by the prince at court.  If they decide to take the Sabbat alive and in for questioning…… Expand from there.

End Scene

Quick and simple and gives new players time to get to know the system and how best to think and act like a vampire would.  Cunning, ruthless, scheming, let them find and play to the abilities of their characters.