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Big Mouth (Netflix)

Posted: October 9, 2017 by hieiyyh2 in Reviews
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Do you remember the awkward days of puberty?  When you didn’t realize all the crazy stuff going on with your body was completely natural?  When you laughed at your friends going through voice cracks and pimples?  Well if you do than you will get a kick out of this cartoon.  Through the magic of animation.  Nick Kroll and friends make us relive those awkward days.  It is loose with it’s rules.  But it is pretty funny.  I laughed pretty hard during some of the situations that happen.  Especially with the Maurice the hormone monster.  It is crass and vulgar and if you have a dark and twisted sense of humor.  Big Mouth is for you.  If not……..well skip it.  I personally give this show a 7 out 10.  Why?  Because it really isn’t for everyone there is some scenes that will make you go

wtf When I say this show is not for everyone I MEAN IT!  Do not take this as a “HAHAHA Hiei you don’t know what you’re talking about” moment.  I have a dark and twisted sense of humor and I had moments where I was going “Okay that’s just too far.”  If you want to give it a chance.  Go for it.  If not that’s fine too.



With the end of the eight episode Defenders season.  The Hand is seemingly done.

End of Spoilers.

Where does The MNU (Marvel Netflix Universe) go from here?

Daredevil: I am hoping they go the route of Born Again.  And bring back King Pin to tear Matt Murdock’s life to pieces from the shadows.  Or with events of Defenders have Matt Murdock truly trying to be retired only to have Bullseye pull him back into the life of Daredevil to save his friends.  One aspect in defenders that can be brought up in Season 3 of Daredevil which would reflect the comics.  Open the season with a recovered Matt Murdock in Washington DC fighting to have a bill brought to law which would allow Vigilantes the right to be used in trials as witnesses and seemingly legitimize what Matt does on the side.  There is many things that can be done for Daredevil.

Jessica Jones: I would like to see things progress for Jessica and bring out the sidekick side of Patsy.  Maybe have Jessica go in investigative journalism to connect The MNU and The MCU by having Jessica work at The Daily Bugle.  Have Jessica go up against Bobby Tisdell or Victoria Hand.  Victoria can keep the whole H.A.M.M.E.R industries aspect of the MNU alive.

Luke Cage: Seeing the positive impact he had on Danny Rand.  Have Luke Cage and Iron Fist team up for a season.  A La Power Man and Iron Fist.  Iron Fist was way better in Netflix with Luke Cage.  Have Them fight Owl

Iron Fist:  His series was the weakest of all the MNU.  The way the season ended his appearance and powers returning in Defenders made no sense at all.  For season two like I said have Danny team up with Luke to help Danny build up his confidence.

Punisher:  As this character has not had a season of his own yet I am not going to say what I hope happens…..besides for maybe wishing Thomas Jane appears in a cameo.

The Defenders Season 2:  My hope is that All the MNU shows some how connects everything together.  In each of the series.  Have King Pin work in the shadows throwing hired guns King Pin has met in Jail against the Defenders.  And have King Pin return in The Defenders season 2 as the main villain like OHHHH IT ALL MAKES SENSE King Pin was making The Anti-Defenders Bullseye, Victoria Hand, Owl and Bobby Saint.  It is why I love the character of the King Pin so much he is a mastermind and knows how to get things done.

Death Note (Netflix) *Spoilers inside*

Posted: August 25, 2017 by hieiyyh2 in Reviews
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An hour and forty minutes I wish I could get back.  This adaptation of Death Note was just bad.  Not Dragonball Evolution bad….. but BAD.  Light Turner compared to his Japanese counter part, is just emotional and overly stressed.  Lucky not smart.  Light in the Anime, Manga and Japanese live action film was cold and calculating smart.  Light in this Netflix adaptation, Book smart, egotistical, not street smart at all.  He screamed like a little girl when meeting Ryuk for the first time.  Instead of testing it in secret to see if it is real.  Ryuk tells him to do it and not just via heart attack but to write how.  Than comes Mia who is I am guessing is suppose to be Misa.  Instead of obsessing over Kira in the shadows waiting to finally meet her savior, she is introduced right away and thrown into the arms of Light.  What does genius boy do?  I WILL SHOW YOU SOMETHING COOL!

Dear lord and lets not get started that he just randomly half screams about using the note in public within ear shot of the entire school.  From the opening scene you could tell that it would be bad.

Than there is L…… How do you screw up an aloof cold, genius….. Just look at L in this film.  He is forcefully quick, not as smart as his Anime, Manga and Japanese Live action counter part.  This L is way to emotional and unhinged.  His opening gambit proved nothing like it did in the anime.

By not following the source material and making all the crimes hap hazard with random out comes.  It draws WAY to much chance that by following the first “murder” being in one city that the killer is in fact in that city.  For all anyone could have known if it was a hacker monitoring all the police offices at any given time.  So drawing it down to one crime being the city of origin is just ludicrous.

The script felt rushed and that the writers didn’t fully understand the scope of the series.  They could have made it better had they at the very least watched the Japanese Live Action film.  This movie could have been done so much better.

I give this movie a four out of ten.   Do yourselves a favor (Especially if you are a fan of the anime) skip this film.  You aren’t missing anything.  If you want to watch a good live action adaptation of Death Note.  Watch the Japanese live action film (It is dubbed in English so you can find it without subtitles).

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Handcrafted Cup of Lies

Posted: August 14, 2017 by hieiyyh2 in Coffee Shop Talk, Reviews
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A friend recently altered me to an on going summer deal at Quick Chek.  All summer long any sized hand crafted iced coffee for .99 cents.  “You love coffee, especially iced coffee.  Go for it dude.”  So I went to Quick Chek asked the friendly clerk how to get a hand crafted iced coffee and than proceeded to order.  Knowing protocol at Quick Chek, I ordered, took my ticket from the printer and proceeded to check out.  It was a relatively short line so I paid and returned to the back to wait for my order.  So I watched my iced “Coffee” being made.  A measuring cup filled with milk dumped into a cup with a little bit of coffee and than Ice.  But the real sin.  I saw a pitcher of water come out.  I channeled the rock and my eye brow shot up as I watched the person pour water into my iced coffee filling the rest of the rest of the cup and than mixing it all together.

When I think of iced coffee I think of creamy cold coffee exciting my taste buds.  This was watery and did not come out very well and diluted the coffee’s flavor.  Do not get me wrong I love Quick Chek’s coffees and when I make my own iced coffee from the dispenser, it comes out good.  But I am in shook at these handcrafted iced coffee recipes.  Water REALLY.  No wonder any size is .99 cents the coffee is watered down to stretch it out.

For Shame.gif

Quick Chek, if you are listening.  Please fix this problem.  You are better than this.

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What do you get when you mix a collectible card game, adult cartoons and other people….. You get Animation Throwdown The Quest for Cards.  I was skeptical of this game at first.  Oh how fun could it actually be?  It probably will be meh….. I was wrong.  The game play is fun, even if you don’t spend cash on it you can still build a decent and powerful deck with a good deck master.  You start off the game picking which deck master you want to run.  (Being a huge Futurama fan, I picked Lela).  Than you get your starter deck and you get the basics of the game fairly quickly with the game giving a limited amount preloaded combos for your cards.  Once you use them you will have to research new combos.  The game itself is fun and if you are looking to kill time….. well this will do it.  I have told myself… just one or two hands in the arena…. 10 battles later/ all my adventure points gone, and all my challenges used up for the day…. And what you know my time is gone LOL.  The game itself was announced in June of last year to launch in Quarter 3 of the same year.  So the game is still young and the developers are constantly adding and updating things in the game.

What I wish would come to the game in later updates.  The Cleveland Show for all the family guy, Futurama, American Dad, Bob’s Burgers, King of the Hill.  Why is Cleveland Show not represented at all?  They can’t claim rights issues Cleveland show is owned by Fox Broadcasting.  So would defiantly love to see that.  More playable deckmasters would be nice.  Like Hypnotoad… ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD!… Huh.. wha… where was I?  OH YES.  Deckmasters.  Changes of clothes could useful for the deckmasters.  They already proved that they can with the implementation of Ricky Spanish Roger’s psychotic alter ego.


Hopefully in the future the game will add more deckmasters and more combos for the characters.  A character fusion system would be nice also.  But for now I will enjoy what has been given to me from the game.


All glory to the hypnotoad.

The Worst Witch (Netflix)

Posted: July 30, 2017 by hieiyyh2 in Reviews
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Back in 1986 a young Fairuza Balk starred in a TV movie series called the worst witch.  Which was based off of the books of the same name.  Thirty one years later Netflix streams a new and improved version of the series.  Starring Bella Ramsey…….. better known as

Lyanna Mormont

Arguably Game of Thrones most badass character.  Bella plays the timid, bumbling and sweet Mildred Hubble.  Which goes to show that any actor or actress with the right skills can be almost anyone.

The series like the TV movie series before it, stayed faithful to the book.  Mildred is a common girl with seemingly no magical family to speak of but somehow gets into Cackles school for witches.  With her best friends the head of the class Maud and the rebellious Enid.  For those who aren’t savvy with the fantasy and science fiction worlds.  People may write this series off as a Harry Potter rip off because of the story aspects of the show and the similarities between the two. But know this young readers and emerging nerd types.  The Worst Witch was written in 1974 where as Harry Potter was written twenty three years later.  Simply put do not judge a series based solely on similarities 🙂

The first season of the show on Netflix is well directed, shot very well and plays to the strengths of the cast as a whole.  It would be nice if in later seasons if the original cast made guest appearances. But I would think people like Tim Curry would be hard to get or Fariuza Balk for that matter.  The story of season one goes along smoothly.  But I feel like the only downside is the actress of Ethel.  Her over the top harshness seems forced and unnatural.  A couple of the actresses seem this way.  But right now I am chalking this up to the show finding it’s grove.

I would say give this show a chance, if you are looking for fantasy series to watch.  If you were a fan of the original give this show a shot and see if it meets your nostalgia memories or surpasses them.

Thank you for reading.  As always if you would like leave a comment to tell myself or my team how can improve that would be greatly appreciated.

Death Note (Netflix)

Posted: July 21, 2017 by hieiyyh2 in Reviews
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When I first heard of the Americanized (literally) version of Death Note I was instantly hesitant.  Why?  Because EVERY Americanized live action anime has failed miserably.

Don’t believe me.  Watch Dragonball Evolution, Speed Racer, Ghost In The Shell, Astro Boy.

deathnoteAnd from what I have seen so far in trailers and teasers I am not impressed by this.  Light just from the trailers Light seems to be whmpy compared to his Japanese counterpart.  The trailer has a dark tone which is fine.  Death Note is a dark and twisted world where a man literally plays god picking and choosing who dies simply by writing their names in a notebook.  But that is all the trailer conveys is the dark tones when dealing with the God of Death voiced by Willem Dafoe.  But everything else in the trailers and teasers just seems more actionized than the Anime actually was.  I realize that the trailer says Based On.  But all they did was change the location from Japan to Seattle Washington.   The anime was never all that action oriented it was more of a dark mystery with the main character proving his genius by staying ahead of his intellectual rival who was trying to catch him.  Because of this I am not looking forward to August 25th for the release.


Here is the trailer (Credit for this trailer belongs to Netflix)

Netflix Death Note Trailer

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