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Ink Masters

Posted: August 2, 2017 by hieiyyh2 in Television, The Countdowns

Back in January of 2012 Ink Masters Debuted and took the competition Reality TV Shows by storm.  Bringing the world of tattooing to many artists and those who love competition shows alike.  Each Season a group of people compete for 100,000 dollars, a spot in Inked Magazine and the title of Ink Master.  But this season.  Season 9, the stakes are higher.  With the title of Ink Master on the line, 200,000 dollars and the first ever Master Shop Title.  But this isn’t a review of the show.  This is a countdown blog post.

Today I will be listing my favorite participants of Ink Master.  10 being the lowest and 1 being the highest.  So lets count it down.

10. From season 2 and 7: Sarah Miller, her style and ability was great and fun to watch the entire season.  From out of the gate I started rooting for her, because he tattoos were just that good to look at.

9. From Season 3 and 5: Jason Clay Dunn, dude just rocks.  That beard was crazy awesome and he reminded me of the likes of Zac Brown.  His tattoo ability was sick but it was sad to see him go. Than when he came back in Season 5 and WIN the whole thing.  That was just awesome.

8. From Season 5 and 7 and 9: Cleen Rock One, the runner up to the title of Ink Master.  The fight for the top between Cleen and Jason Dunn was epic to behold.  It was clear to see why these two artists made it to the top of the pile.

7. From Season 1: Bili Vegas: While the dude was arrogant (not on the level of Al Fliction).  But Bili unlike Al, had the skills to back it up. Bili’s tattoo abilities are off the hook.  Though it was his arrogance and hubris that got him out in the end.  The canvas he got where he covered up the Insane Clown Posse tattoo with the eye, I went to school with and I graduated with her older brother.  (So it was cool to see someone from my hometown on the show.)

6. From Season 4 and 7: Walter “Sausage” Frank, his presence on the show was a breath of fresh air.  His skills with the tattoo machine were some great things to watch.  It is no wonder he made it to the top and lost I felt by a slight margin to Scott Marshall.

5. From Season 9:  This season is not yet done and the competition has started weeding out the weakest teams.  But one team in particular has weaseled their way into my heart and cracked the top five of my list.  Allisin Riot and Jessy Knuckles Pinz & Needlez.  Their work has been some of my favorite to watch.  A few hick ups here and there but they have heart, they have spunk and they have the will.  And I hope they go far…… Fair warning girls.  Soon you will be going up against my Number 1 pick for this list.

4. From Season 6 and 7 Duffy Fortner:  This lady of the ink was a blast to watch in season 7.  Her tattoos were fun to look at and she has the skills to walk with some of the best in Ink Master History.

3. From Season 8: Gian Karle…… little dude was weird.  But in the best way possible.  His words were backed up buy his skill with the needle.  He met each challenge presented to him.  He was the runner up in this season and I feel like they need to have another Team Peck vs Team Nunez again sometime…. Or Team Peck, Vs Team Navarro Vs Team Nunez…. call it Ink Master Civil War.

2. From Season 1 and 7: James Vaughn: This guy was clever to watch and one hell of a tattooer. His presence in the house was just a breathe of peace the house needed.  But in the end his choice not to leave his safe zone in the finale killed his chance to win.

1..From Season 1 and 9:….Returning next episode.  The Runner up in season 1, host of the show Tattoo Nightmares, and one of the sickest tattooer this competition has ever seen.  (I think he was cheated out of the title in season 1) TOMMY HELM.  With only one weak tattoo the entire season despite the fact he can show more styles and not flinch.  Tommy is the strongest returning contestant.  I can not wait to see the faces on the other shops faces when he comes in.

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Castlevania Netflix

Posted: July 12, 2017 by hieiyyh2 in Reviews, Television
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A string and piano version of the main theme  (credit to the performers and conductors who did this piece)


Like so many fans of this classic Nintendo game series, I was waiting in anticipation for this animated series to come out.  When it came out, I was in awe.  The animation was beautiful, the voice acting wasn’t cheesy like in the games. (What is a man! Example of game voice acting).  My only problem with the first season.  IT WAS SOOOOOO SHORT!!!!!  Four episodes following the story of Trevor Belmont (The story of Castlevania III Dracula’s Curse)  What I can say about the series without giving spoilers.  It tells the origin of Dracula’s turn to evil beautifully.  It even captures the background of Trevor very well without dragging the show to a grinding stop.  I just wish it was longer.  It is my hope that the following seasons will be longer.  The choices that Warren Ellis made with Castlevania was great so far.  If you are looking to kill four hours, than give Castlevania a run through.

2-5-1 Two Wins, Five Loses, 1 Overtime…… This is what you call a slow start.  And trust me readers It can be worse we could have went 0-8 like the Blue Jackets…. OH RIGHT WE GAVE THEM THEIR FIRST WIN!

Welcome Sports Nerds to Hockey Season

Fantasy Sports is just D&D for Jocks


















Thats right Sports can be just as nerdy if not more so than comics and movies.  WHY!?  Think about it.  What does it mean to be nerdy.  You zealously obsess over something and you know more about it than a lot of people.  Here is some prime examples.

D&D:  A Druid is a divine spellcaster with power over nature itself and is arguably the strongest spellcaster you can create.

Sports Fan:  The Pass protection is there we just need to work on getting our defense more responsive to the run offenses and we will do great.

D&D: Okay the line of sight you have for this spell is perfect nothing in your way
Sports:  Eli connected that pass beautifully

and just like sport fans we get just as angry when something we love goes horribly wrong.  The key difference is that sports has been more widely accepted by the populace as being “Normal”.  So to keep to the everything is nerdy.  Well I have decided I am going to write about sports to bring in our nerds who love comics and sports and to bring the “Closet Nerds”.  Yes dear readers I will protect you from the noogies and wedgies.

There are so many things that I could have titled this one… But I really am deeply, and truly torn about how I feel about this entry. It is positively true though if you really look at it… All fingers are beginning to point that television is stuck on repeat. There are a billion and two cop dramas. Seventeen thousand hospital dramas. Forty-two hundred and seventy two comedies that are all basically the same thing. (These are not real life numbers for the record). They all have the same plot at their base line. Catch the bad guy, save a life, make fun of the in laws… In an earlier post I had broken down what shows would be released this fall, and not only were there more of the same slop that is already on television, they’re now breaking down movies and recycling them for the TV audience. I can think of things that they could do with all of that airtime… (Cough-firefly-cough) I’m sure if they were to spend time, or even hire someone to do it for them, they could peruse the internet long enough to find that someone has put a short story on a website somewhere that could spark fresh life into the television game. The internet is full of wonderful writers who are just begging to be seen, they’ve done all of the work for the networks, they’ve already created the characters, the places, the time line, the entire plot… But TV would rather have more crime solving dramas. This isn’t to say that I don’t enjoy binge watching NCIS, or that House isn’t one of my all-time favorite shows; this isn’t to say that I hate the shows that are on TV now… Just that they need a little help.

So, why do I think that they are truly running out of ideas, minus the above stated? Well… A good friend told me that they were working on doing a Xena reboot. Mhm, that’s right… The Warrior Princess (Which I can say I’ll now be binge watching on my day off… Thank you Netflix) is trying to work her way back onto the airwaves. There isn’t a whole lot of detail around it yet, but lets get into what I did find out.

For those of you who have lived under a rock, Xena, Warrior Princess was a television show that ran from 1995 through 2001. It follows a princess who didn’t want to be the a-typical damsel in distress type of princess, instead, she goes out, gets herself some armor, and beats up on the bad guys. Along the way she has run ins with Gods, Goddesses and even Demi-Gods. (Those of you who know the show know where the next sentence is going) Along with the show Xena, there was also Hercules, the two shows often ran together in a similar sense to what Green Arrow and The Flash do on the CW currently. Now… Personally, I could have not cared any less about Hercules, I’m a huge mythology nerd and so I knew all about him, his trials, his stories; why would I want to watch it on TV? On the other hand, there was Xena, frickin butt whoopin bad ass with a shrill war cry and these awesome chakram weapons that would expertly bounce off of their surroundings to take out the bad guys. I can remember coming home from church with my mother on Sunday’s and either playing Legend of Zelda (N64) or watching Xena completely wide eyed and fully engrossed in the show.

Though everything surrounding the project is just rumor currently, there have been whisperings that it would be a modern day version, but I really don’t see how that would work… I can’t imagine Xena shrieking her famous war cry around New York City and busting up some bad guys while flirting with Ares and laughing at Aphrodite. If they could find a way to work it… It would still be a cool twist.

If they were to do it, I would like to see an honest to goodness real reboot. Take it from season one of the original show and work your way up. Though, I would suggest avoiding what ended up being the shows downfall, in my own opinion. They brought the modern world into it (Ha. See there?) I can remember Lucy Lawless’ character going to a shrink to talk about her past life, as Xena…. Hmm… What? Yeah… I’m all for self discovery, and past lives and what have you… However, the show itself was set way back in the day, when Gods and Goddesses still spoke to people… That’s where it should have stayed. Re-casting the characters would be quite the undertaking though. I can say that having a not so tacky version of the show would be frickin’ sweet…

Again, everything is only rumor… Sadly. Though I imagine that if they bring Xena back, they’ll have to bring Hercules back as well; and I only say ‘sadly’ because I wasn’t a fan. Both shows had, and still have a great following (Seeing as I’m spending all day watching Xena…) but some just loved one over the other. Whereas I was more of a fan of Xena, I have friends who were all about Hercules.

All in all, I still don’t know if I want to see this happen. I’d have to wait until there are solid details surrounding the remake, reboot, continuation; whatever they decide to do with it. All I can hope for, is that if they go down that road, that they do it properly.

What do ya’ll think? Should they go down this path, or leave it where it is? Would you be excited to see Xena return to television?

Domo Arigato Mr. Robot

Posted: August 9, 2015 by hieiyyh2 in Television
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Mr. RobotHave you seen it?  Has your world allowed you time to delve into the mind of a hacker?  Or has the drival of CSI Cybercrime got you thinking oh boy hackers?  Well than I ask you to lower your hate field and give Mr. Robot a try.

The show is about Elliot a computer engineer by day.  Vigilante Hacker by night.  With his impressive skills, he takes down people who are wronging other people.  From the get go you know this about him as he deals with a scumbag who beats his meat to kiddy porn.  As you get to know Elliot.  You find out that he has, issues.  For one he is clinically depressed, doesn’t like being touched by strange people he doesn’t trust…… and he is addicted to Morphine.   The show is quick to grab you by the throat and pull you into it’s world.  Elliot is called upon by his childhood friend Angela, to help her salvage a wreck of a problem at the place they both work.  It is during this time that Elliot begins to think something bigger is at play and stumbles upon F Society.  A group of hackers aiming to take down the Company that Elliot’s employer is charged with protecting.  Which you also find out is the company that was responisible for the death of both Angela’s mother and Elliot’s father.  It is a battle of morals as Elliot picks his way through the labyrinth of right and wrong.

Honestly I have heard the hype and it doesn’t disappoint.  It doesn’t fake what it is.  It doesn’t throw softball fake net terms like Dark Web at you.  It is raw, it is emotional, it makes you think and most importantly…… it grips you and doesn’t let you go.  Embrace it.  Enjoy it.  Go forth my readers and watch it.

TV Land

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I can be a bit of a television junky… If that isn’t already evident based on my posts on our new fancy site here… That being said, I’ve done a great deal of research into what is going to be coming to our televisions this fall. Please keep in mind that in reading this, there are plenty of shows, even channels that I haven’t mentioned. The shows that are going to mentioned in the post that follows will not be shows that have been renewed for follow-up seasons, these are all fresh shows that will be debuting their pilot episodes this fall.

They don’t have a whole lot of room in their roster this fall, so they aren’t bringing out too many shows, however what shows they are bringing out, to me, are a lot of the same type of shows. Reading through what they’re doing I saw a lot of police related shows, as well as courts and lawyers. Chevy Chase will be returning to television with a comedy show. As will Johnny Knoxville with a show based off of his childhood.

I’d like to point out now, that there are a few reoccurring themes throughout the various channels… You’ll see. Maybe you’ll feel like me about them.

It looks like they’ve got a slew of medical, crime, and court shows that are coming this fall… This is just the beginning of the reoccurring theme that I’m talking about…
Limitless – Yes, like the movie with Bradley Cooper… That’s because it’s based off of it. Our main character will be helping the FBI solve crimes with his expanded brain, a lovely gift from the same drug that Bradley Cooper had been on in the movie.
Rush Hour – Yes, another movie spin off… Sadly, Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker will not be joining the cast for this one
Super Girl – Okay, so… Admittedly I would have much rather seen a Wonder Woman show, finally, but after seeing the extended preview for this show. I’m actually interested in watching it. Kara isn’t the socially awkward alien that she was in Smallville, she lives and works in the big city and is working on accepting her powers and using them for good.

The CW.
A channel that I can say has a lot of shows that I watch… Sadly… Looks like they’re dropping the ball with what they’re bringing out this season. Another show where someone died/had a near death experience and now they can talk to ghosts… As was done on IZombie… And previously before that, I believe on Fox, with Tru Calling… An overplayed theme that can’t last more than one season in my honest opinion.
DC’s Legends of Tomorrow – Another DC show based around Rip Hunter, who has seen the future and will do anything that he can to change it. It is in the same realm as Arrow and The Flash, which could lead to yet another crossover… My only fear is that they’re bulking too many shows in one realm with all of the crossovers it could leave some people out if they don’t watch one of the three shows involved.

In my research and notes Fox has the most paper space… I think that is a sign of a good thing, right?
Lucifer – Lucifer decides that he was bored of ruling hell and comes top side. Residing in L.A… The city of angels… Ya’ll see that irony right there? In any case, he uses his unique talents to help the police solve certain crimes. There are also scenes of an angel telling him to go back to hell basically… It seems like it is going to be set up to be very predictable but that the writers may have a few good plot twists planned.
Minority Report – Another movie spin off, set 10 years after the movie happened. A recog gets very interested in a police officer and her work.
X-Files – I’m personally not a fan, and have never been a fan, but yay for them? They’re coming back for 6 episodes that are new and fresh. I’d much rather see 6 episodes of Firefly… But I’ll have to dream on.
Detour – A TV show based on Weezer singer Rivers Coumo’s decision to leave the band in his 30’s and return to college.
Scream Queens – This is literally advertised as a comedic take on American Horror Story… At seeing the casting involved, I’m already turned off from this whole show, not to mention the thought of all of these young actresses screaming for an hour long each week just doesn’t seem that appealing to me.

Another channel dishing out the medical, lawyers, crime and cop shows.
Blindspot – A show that has already had a bunch of press and attention brought to it. The main character wakes up covered in these mysterious tattoos, with no memory of herself or how she got them. Somehow the FBI becomes interested especially when those tattoos start helping to solve crimes.
Coach – Yes, the show that ran from 1989-1997 is making a comeback, of sorts. This is moreso going to be a reboot with Coach Hayden Fox coming out of retirement to help a college in Pennsylvania.
Problem Child – Yet another movie that is making its way to television.
Heroes Reborn – Sadly, it is only going to be a 13 episode reboot of the original show that dealt with normal people learning and understanding the extraordinary powers that they suddenly seem to have.

Now, like I said when I started, there are plenty more shows that are scheduled to drop in the fall, some midseason as well. And many channels that I didn’t even touch. But just from what I’m seeing from the 4 channels that I did review… There is going to be a lot of cops, hospitals and court rooms. Not to mention the sudden flood of movies that are making their way to television. Are we really running out of ideas? I do know that on ABC Family they are taking The Mortal Instruments and bringing it to TV; I believe that is scheduled for 2016 though… I’ll be watching that one for sure.
My biggest gripe is taking movies and bringing them to television. We’re running so short on ideas that the people who make millions off of approving what makes it to TV feel that it’s okay to just pull a movie, and make it into a television show… I am positive there are many, many more things that could make it to TV other than movies.

Let me know your thoughts on the shows. What show(s) are you excited to see? If I missed something that you’re excited for, fill me in.