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2-5-1 Two Wins, Five Loses, 1 Overtime…… This is what you call a slow start.  And trust me readers It can be worse we could have went 0-8 like the Blue Jackets…. OH RIGHT WE GAVE THEM THEIR FIRST WIN!

Welcome Sports Nerds to Hockey Season

Fantasy Sports is just D&D for Jocks


















Thats right Sports can be just as nerdy if not more so than comics and movies.  WHY!?  Think about it.  What does it mean to be nerdy.  You zealously obsess over something and you know more about it than a lot of people.  Here is some prime examples.

D&D:  A Druid is a divine spellcaster with power over nature itself and is arguably the strongest spellcaster you can create.

Sports Fan:  The Pass protection is there we just need to work on getting our defense more responsive to the run offenses and we will do great.

D&D: Okay the line of sight you have for this spell is perfect nothing in your way
Sports:  Eli connected that pass beautifully

and just like sport fans we get just as angry when something we love goes horribly wrong.  The key difference is that sports has been more widely accepted by the populace as being “Normal”.  So to keep to the everything is nerdy.  Well I have decided I am going to write about sports to bring in our nerds who love comics and sports and to bring the “Closet Nerds”.  Yes dear readers I will protect you from the noogies and wedgies.