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Hello readers.  It has been ten days since my last post.  But that is because I have been traveling and signing up for classes for the new semester of school.

For Labor Day Weekend, I traveled to my sister’s house in Saratoga Springs, NY.  For me it is a three hour drive, with nothing but well groomed highway, good music, and podcasts.  For those of you who have not traveled to the Adirondacks in New York State.  I suggest you go, the sights are breathe taking.

Once you get to Saratoga Springs, you are greeted with a lovely sight of one of the most historic horse racing track in all of the united states.  It should also be noted that Saratoga Springs is home to the Horse Racing Hall of Fame.  As Labor Day marks the last races for the season the Traffic into town was nuts.  If you do ever go to Saratoga go during horse racing season in the summer, it is when the town becomes the most lively.

Pulling up to my sister’s house I am greeted by my sister, my brother and my sister’s dog.  Taking my stuff into the house to stretch my legs after a non-stop three hour drive felt amazing.  After greeting everyone and taking a drink of water.  I am informed that we have a reservation at a restaurant in town.  So we hop into my brother-in-laws SUV and head to Three Vines.

Three Vines is a bistro located on Congress Street in a mini shopping center.  By looking at the outside you wouldn’t expect it to be so big on the inside.  But it was.  Three Vines is known for their meatballs.  So our group ordered five (Philly Cheese Style, Veal Style, Sausage, Broccoli Rabe and Sausage Style and Traditional).  Along with fried calamari which came with fried hot peppers in the dish.  For drinks myself, my brother and brother-in-law got mixed drinks that were available.  I finally got to try Deathwish Coffee Flavored Vodka for the first time.  (Because it came in the drink)  Overall my experience at Three Vines Bistro was very good and our server was very knowledgeable, friendly and warm.

The following morning I woke up early in order to participate in a charity 5K race for the horses of Saratoga that is held every year at SPAC (The Saratoga Performing Arts Center) Park.  I ran and walked because while I am in better shape than I was last year, I am not in shape enough to run an entire race.  I clocked in just over 50 minutes.  (I will improve and keep getting in better shape).  After the race, myself and my siblings returned to my sister’s house for a celebratory brunch cooked by my Brother-in-law.

Heading downtown is usually a walking experience but because we raced in the morning we drove downtown to Broadway.  The main street in Saratoga Springs is lined on both sides, with shops and restaurants.  For example, you have The Saratoga Oil Company which sells homemade olive oils, balsamic vinegar’s, and different flavored sea salts.  You also have the Saratoga Tea Store which sells various teas and organic honeys, it is like a locally owned Teavana store.  The Saratoga Coffee Traders can also be found on Broadway.   But on this particular trip downtown we walked into some of the other shops and looked around while we wasted the day away.

After going to the grocery store to pick up some things for the nights BBQ we returned back and helped cook dinner for the BBQ we were going to have.  Lots of good fun talking and joking around in the backyard.

Sunday was rainy so we spent most of the day inside watching movies.  Until we decided to go to The National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame.  My sister said after living in Saratoga for sixteen years she had never once thought to go in and look around.   The building it self is well kept and pristine to behold.  The displays are clean and well lit and the self guided tour gives you a good idea of the history of Horse Racing.  Even the interactive parts were interesting to look through and listen too.  If you are a horse lover it would be a great place to go even if just for the day.  Spend time at the race track watch a few races and than scoot across the street to the hall of fame.  Triple A members get ten dollars off the price of admission at the hall of fame.

Dinner took us all to Duo a hibachi restaurant.  LOOK OUT, VERY HOT.  HAPPY HAPPY.  YUMMY YUMMY. SAKI MAKES YOU VERY HAPPY.  Our cook was very loud and happy.  It made the experience very enjoyable.  The “spicy” sauce could have been a lot spicier though but it was good.  Duo is a place I would suggest you try out if you like Hibachi style dinner.

Thus ends my trip to Saratoga.  I had a great relaxing weekend and I enjoyed my trip up there and the return trip home to New Jersey.  If you ever go up to Saratoga stay at one of the many restaurants and walk around town, visit the springs for which the town is famous.  Try the local cuisine at the many restaurants.

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Traveling Through Jersey

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Yesterday, I had the pleasure to take the train.

train gif

Into Hoboken New Jersey.  The train ride to Hoboken felt short even though it took an hour.  The Hoboken train station on Hudson Place is an old and beautiful building.  Walking through the waiting area I heard someone commenting to his child “Look Abbey, it is a mini grand central station.”  A bit of a stretch, but it is picturesque.  Walking out to the city proper of Hoboken you are greeted with a mini taste of New York City while still in New Jersey.  Finding your way around just like in The City (as those of us from New Jersey calls NYC), is simple and easy.  I had a nice and peaceful walk to The Monroe Center Building.  Where I was going for an interview.  Hoboken has a lot to offer especially on the main streets.  If you are looking for a quick bite to eat Hoboken has a lot to offer you.  I didn’t have time to stop so I passed a couple of good looking coffee shops.  I may have to go back and blog about them in a future coffee shop talk blog.

Even walking back to the train station was a treat.  Hoboken is not a bad little city if you are looking for a place just to go before going into New York City.  I suggest you not drive in but park your car in Hoboken and walk to 1 Hudson Place and take the ferry over to the city or The Path.  That way you can walk around The City and really take it in without stressing about driving.

Boarding my train back to Mountain View Station in Wayne NJ, I enjoyed the relaxing trip back.

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Tucked away in the mountainous town of Tuxedo Park NY, lives The New York Renaissance Faire.  This beautiful place is summer event starting always on the first Saturday of August and Ending October 1st.  (In October The Forest of Fear takes over).  The buildings of the Faire permanent structures that loving faire goers have gone to since the faire has started (maintenance of course has been done to the building.)  I myself have been going for the past six years and I love to go.  Must go places at the faire (At least for me), The Blue Boar Inn, a great bar to refresh yourself and sit in the shade on those hot summer days.  The Blue Boar also has a small stage where musical acts preform.  Just today I heard a group called Three Pints Shy their Irish tunes were great to drink too.

Another great place to visit is the Living Chess board, where as you may have guessed Living chess is played.  It is a show to behold as Robin Hood battles the Sheriff and his men.

If you are a crafts person.  The Faire has all sorts of shops for you visit, with live glass blowing demonstrations and occasionally explanations on making metal forks, knives and spoons at the black smith by the jousting arena.

Food is around also for when you get the hunger pangs, TURKEY LEGS; PICKLES; BAKED POTATOES!!! And so much more.  And near the main food area you will find coffee shops that serve iced coffee slushies.  There is something for everyone.

The shows.  If you do anything, outside of going to the market, or eat.  The faire is jam packed with shows for you to enjoy.  From Arnold and Stewart’s knife throwing show, to Dead Bob and Sludge (The ventriloquist comedy act).  They even have acrobatics and fire eaters.  My favorite show though is The Vixen Engarde, a group of women preforming Shakespeare and fighting with swords.  The show is always fresh and I haven’t seen a repeat of an act in my six years of attending the faire.

If you are looking for a fun time on the weekends, I HIGHLY recommend you go and spend the day or days.  🙂

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