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The fact that Final Fantasy will be reaching it’s fifteenth incarnation with Final Fantasy XV and the release of the “Reclaim Your Throne” Trailer dropping last week.  I figured it was time to write a double top five list.  The top five best and top five worst incarnations of Final Fantasy

Lets get the pain out of the way.

IT’S THE TOP FIVE WORST Final Fantasies.

5. Final Fantasy V: While this is by far not the worst final fantasy it isn’t anywhere close to being the best.  The game itself while enjoyable it doesn’t bring much to the table other more jobs for your characters to play as.  Being a Japan only release on the Super Famicom System.  It would later find it’s way to the state in two ports.  One to Playstation in the Final Fantasy Anthology Collection and than Later on Gameboy Advanced Final Fantasy Advanced. The story behind it was not all that compelling and a bit convoluted.  Play it if you want but this is one game you can skip.

4. Final Fantasy VIII:  While this game has a big following and I may get hate mail for this one.  But I feel that the game was not all that impressive.  The graphics from VII to VIII seemed like they could have done more with it considering how beautiful IX would be following VIII.  The game play mechanics were also choppy.  Adding a pointless timing game “trigger” effect for the gunblade and than Squall’s Limit Breaks also needing to be timed perfectly made using limit breaks tedious.  When ever you switched the party you had to rejunction all their stuff to get what you had previously.  Also let us not forget the crappy draw magic system.  And than their was the trading card game and needing it to get items needed for special weapons.  The big bad was a let down and the main character Squall made Cloud look happy in comparison. I think I had glitched game because Levels came at every 1000 experience points.

3. Final Fantasy III another lackluster title in the Final Fantasy franchise. The story was a tad unfollowable and I found myself lost at times as to what was going on.  It felt like it was trying to pack more into a box than it needed too.  The mechanics were a bit off and could have been more streamlined (it seemed to become more streamlined once it was ported and given an upgrade on the Nintendo DS.

2. Final Fantasy X: The beginning of the perpetual hallway. At first you are treated to mind blowingly beautiful graphics and GASP voice acting.  Here in lies the problem with FFX.  When you start the game you are treated to our main character telling you “Listen to my story.  This may be your last chance.”  You are literally playing through a flashback.  And not from the ending.  The Scene in the opening is as will you find out later on is the mid-way point when you realize your journey to Zanarkend was for naught and just continuing a perpetual loop.  The battle system is oppressively slow with True Turn Based Style instead of the Active Turn Based that came before it and later in X-2 (there was no need for a sequel).  The sphere grid system replaces level so you never know what level you are through out the game.  The voice acting is terrible (While not the worst that would fall to Castlevania Symphony of the night but that was at least entertaining).  The story is pointless and at times seems like the game is trying to tell you abandon religion.  The big boss of the game is hyped as this massive all powerful being but if you play the game you can beat it easily to the point where the boss WILL HEAL YOU.  All for what…. To find out that your main character was noting but a dream conjured by the world.  You are not missing anything if you skip this game.

1. Final Fantasy XIII: While X was a wider hallway XIII is nothing and i mean NOTHING but a narrow hallway.  A TWENTY HOUR LONG HALLWAY and by the end when you get to the open world you don’t even care anymore because by that point the story has collasped in on itself.  The villain is confusing as to what it is and the story plays it up to the fact it is an omnipotent being who’s voice can destroy your mind….. and than you reach your first encounter with the big bad villain and he speaks and you are fine.  The story makes no sense and you are given a vision for a split second so you have no idea what the hell you are supposed to be doing, all you know is you have been tainted and you need to figure out what it wants you to do unless you become a crazy beast thing and kill everyone.  What is your reward for completing your vision.  YOU ARE TURNED TO CRYSTAL.  Oh oh it gets better.  One of your team mates is an awakened crystal…. meaning she has already been rewarded for completing her task.  WHY?!  The game play is what really makes this game the worst in the near 30 year history of this game series.  You control ONE person.  Not the whole party.  You are doomed to not only have to destroy the targets “Quickly” cause a faster battle means more points.  You have to watch your two AI controlled team mates.  Items like potions and remedies become pointless because as soon as the battle ends you are back to full health. Once you get Lightning’s ultimate move the game becomes a cake walk.  The game is beautiful, it has good voice acting….. but why create a beautiful backdrop if we can’t explore it.



Where has Generation Nerd Been?

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Well folks, a lot of time has passed since our last post.  I can not speak for the contributors and I won’t.  But as for myself.  I left for a mission trip to Haiti back at the end of January.  After returning I have not been on the internet as much as I had been prior to my trip.  I am back and will be posting more.  I have not abandoned this site or my readers.  Just thought I would let you all know.  Look to more posts soon showing up.

Cooking with… Andi!

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So, with everyones lives being horribly busy as of late, I am going to take over Hiei’s recipe this round. I found a fitting recipe that is absolutely delicious and fitting for this time of the year. It falls perfectly in line with the concept of ‘full on white girl’ but I don’t mind it. Today we are going to be looking at Pumpkin Cheesecake Dip. Sounds delicious right? Whenever in the distant future I manage to get my own café/bistro type place, I plan on offering this as soon as fall sets in. It is a simple recipe, and an instant crowd pleaser, I hope ya’ll enjoy.

Untitled picture

What you’ll need:

1 (8 ounce) package of cream cheese
¾ cup of powdered sugar
1 cup pumpkin puree (not to be confused with pie filling)
1 tablespoon pumpkin pie spice
1 (8oz) cool whip

How you’re going to do it:
With a hand held mixer beat together cream cheese and powdered sugar until it’s smooth.
Mix in pumpkin puree and the pumpkin pie spice.
Use hand held mixer again to beat the cool whip into the mixture thoroughly, until the beaters leave ripples in the dip.
Sprinkle some cinnamon or pumpkin spice for presentation.

What you want to eat the dip with:
You can use a plethora of things to eat this dip with, fingers included, however, for presentation and serving purposes you can use pretzels, apples, vanilla wafers, or spice cookies for some choices.

Another cool thought would be to put the dip between two of the cookies and make little cookie sandwiches.

So What’s New?

Posted: September 30, 2015 by Andi Pants in Uncategorized
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Hello there you lovely reader people, how are ya’ll doing? I would like to personally apologize for my absence as of late. I had a grand total of insanity going on in my life. Thankfully, all of the things I had going on are settling down. I have recently moved a good 500 miles from where I had been prior; there were many factors involved in that but we don’t need to delve into it. What we do need to dive into is what is going on with G.N on my end.
All of our favorite television shows are starting back up, and the new ones that I had previously written about are going to start kicking off here shortly, so I’m sure to review a few of those. In addition to my reviews I’ll be adding to the recipe line in a similar fashion that Hiei does because my new next door neighbor’s daughter is an author, she writes cookbooks. So in addition to putting up recipes, I’ll be telling you where I’ve got them from, and where you guys can find the books too! I’m looking forward to trying to find an articulate way to explain Magic the Gathering decks that I’ve been building, without flooding pages of lists and pictures to flat out show ya’ll with.
If I am not mistaken we are out a month of our creative corner, so I may have to whip something up of my own and face the fire to put it out on display; something that I don’t do… Ever. So ya’ll need to feel some kind of special about that.

The biggest and best news that we’ve got for this post though is the introduction of our newest writer. He is going to add a new style to reviews, specializing in movies that no one has really heard of, anime’s, music and video games. Surely Duo will also add a few random posts here and there, seeing as clearly, none of us stay in our respective lanes here at GN. But we are happy to welcome him onto the team. We will be sure to push him to get his personal page up and organized so that ya’ll can read more about our newest member and you will all see a post from him sooner rather than later.

While we are on the topic of all things that are new. We at GN are always open to feedback! We always want to hear from you! If there is a topic that you want to hear our side of, if there is a recipe that you want us to try, if there is a writing prompt you’d like to throw into the Creative Corner, all I can say is do it! We don’t know how to better ourselves for our readers if ya’ll are just quiet.

One last thing on the new train… Though we’ve all got these crazy schedules, Hiei, Duo and myself are still looking to find a time and a place to do more of a vlog, or even just a recording of ourselves debating a certain topic, bringing our opinions to light. The topic that we’ve gone over in our discussions is very exciting, and we can’t wait to share it with you.

Stick with us for all kinds of new and exciting things here at Generation Nerd!


The Unfantastic Embargo

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In the immortal words of Darth Vader

No words can say it better than that.  Fox will not lift their review embargo until AFTER the first showing on the east coast release of Fantastic Four.  For those of you who do not know what that means.  It is this.  A review embargo is placed upon intellectual properties by their makers to limit the ammount of potential bad press.  Games do it all the time, but usually they will lift the embargo anywhere up to a month before the game is release and allow critics to review and post their thoughts.  Movies do this too and usually lift it about 2 days to a week before release and during the embargo will have critics of reputation sign non-disclosure agreements.  Embargos that get lifted a few days before a a release do it limit potential bad word of mouth press.  Fox’s embargo lifting to hours after the release means this.  There is no critic reviews to give the viewers a chance to see if they will like it.  Small Example

Lets say Rotten Tomatoes wanted to post a review about Fantastic Four.  Because of the embargo they can’t and people going to their site can not see if the movie was a 2 or a much better rating.

This move shows that fox has no faith in the movie and makes their decisions just seem disjointed.  Fox also has a bad reputation of keeping shlock shows on the air and kicking great shows off the air after 1 season *Cough Firefly cough cough Dollhouse cough cough*

Potential Let’s Read Series of “Videos”

Posted: July 23, 2015 by hieiyyh2 in Uncategorized

Okay so I have been toying around with idea of reading a book and recording my voice while reading and posting it on Youtube for the world to hear.  HOWEVER.  I do not know which book to start with.  So that is why I am going to find and put up a poll on the site on which book you want me to read.

Adventure Log

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So where have I been the past few days?  Where has the gaming and movie posts been? Great questions.  I was on a mini-vacation, this past week.  From Thursday to Sunday, I was in Pennsylvania at a state park roughing it in the woods.  It was a nice change of pace and brought me closer to my inner little boy who loved nature.  Four days in the woods, sleeping 3 nights in a tent for four.  The first day there, I will admit.  I was a tad grumpy.  Since my normal days do not consist of hiking the forest and getting bitten to high heaven by bugs.  I was out of place and I hate being out of place.   As the weekend continued I got happier by the minute.  Boulder Field was beautiful and HUGE and I got to climb on the rocks.  Not quiet sure how far out I got. But all and all the field was crazy fun, despite being hesitant to walk out into it.

The next spot on the camping trip was Hawk Falls.  The trail starts off the side of a main road and after walking maybe fifteen to twenty minutes.  You come to the section of the trail that forks.  You can either continue onto the bottom section of the waterfall.  Or you can take the rocky climb to the top of the falls and look out and see the river to which it feeds.  It is a fun trail I must say.  The Falls are clean so bring a bathing suit and swim in the cold refreshing waters.

After the Falls it is off to the Lake on the state park…… Bring food and drinks with you, because it ridiculously pricey for the food they have there.  Two dollars and fifty cents for water… that is just highway robbery.  The beach is nice the water is refreshing on a hot day.  Not much to say about that other than it’s fun.

We hiked a lot and walked a lot.  But each day we all got together made dinner, had a good time.  That is what I did on my four days off.  I hope to go back next year.