Traveling Through Jersey

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Yesterday, I had the pleasure to take the train.

train gif

Into Hoboken New Jersey.  The train ride to Hoboken felt short even though it took an hour.  The Hoboken train station on Hudson Place is an old and beautiful building.  Walking through the waiting area I heard someone commenting to his child “Look Abbey, it is a mini grand central station.”  A bit of a stretch, but it is picturesque.  Walking out to the city proper of Hoboken you are greeted with a mini taste of New York City while still in New Jersey.  Finding your way around just like in The City (as those of us from New Jersey calls NYC), is simple and easy.  I had a nice and peaceful walk to The Monroe Center Building.  Where I was going for an interview.  Hoboken has a lot to offer especially on the main streets.  If you are looking for a quick bite to eat Hoboken has a lot to offer you.  I didn’t have time to stop so I passed a couple of good looking coffee shops.  I may have to go back and blog about them in a future coffee shop talk blog.

Even walking back to the train station was a treat.  Hoboken is not a bad little city if you are looking for a place just to go before going into New York City.  I suggest you not drive in but park your car in Hoboken and walk to 1 Hudson Place and take the ferry over to the city or The Path.  That way you can walk around The City and really take it in without stressing about driving.

Boarding my train back to Mountain View Station in Wayne NJ, I enjoyed the relaxing trip back.

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Tucked away in the mountainous town of Tuxedo Park NY, lives The New York Renaissance Faire.  This beautiful place is summer event starting always on the first Saturday of August and Ending October 1st.  (In October The Forest of Fear takes over).  The buildings of the Faire permanent structures that loving faire goers have gone to since the faire has started (maintenance of course has been done to the building.)  I myself have been going for the past six years and I love to go.  Must go places at the faire (At least for me), The Blue Boar Inn, a great bar to refresh yourself and sit in the shade on those hot summer days.  The Blue Boar also has a small stage where musical acts preform.  Just today I heard a group called Three Pints Shy their Irish tunes were great to drink too.

Another great place to visit is the Living Chess board, where as you may have guessed Living chess is played.  It is a show to behold as Robin Hood battles the Sheriff and his men.

If you are a crafts person.  The Faire has all sorts of shops for you visit, with live glass blowing demonstrations and occasionally explanations on making metal forks, knives and spoons at the black smith by the jousting arena.

Food is around also for when you get the hunger pangs, TURKEY LEGS; PICKLES; BAKED POTATOES!!! And so much more.  And near the main food area you will find coffee shops that serve iced coffee slushies.  There is something for everyone.

The shows.  If you do anything, outside of going to the market, or eat.  The faire is jam packed with shows for you to enjoy.  From Arnold and Stewart’s knife throwing show, to Dead Bob and Sludge (The ventriloquist comedy act).  They even have acrobatics and fire eaters.  My favorite show though is The Vixen Engarde, a group of women preforming Shakespeare and fighting with swords.  The show is always fresh and I haven’t seen a repeat of an act in my six years of attending the faire.

If you are looking for a fun time on the weekends, I HIGHLY recommend you go and spend the day or days.  🙂

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Easy Dinner

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Looking for a quick and easy dish.  I got just the thing for you.

Chicken and Spinach Rice

What you will need

Your favorite Marinade
1 package of chicken tender strips (I use Nature Promise from Stop & Shop)
1 Package of baby spinach
2 packs of Rice ( I used Balsami Rice from Uncle Ben’s)
Butter (About 3 or 4 teaspoons) and some to coat your frying pan
Parmesan Cheese (grated)

Marinate your chicken in your favorite Marinade (Mine was simple Italian Dressing). To the marinade, add 2 cracks of salt, 3 or 4 cracks of pepper, and just a tiny sprinkle of tumeric (Not to much as it will over power the taste). I let it sit in the fridge from 2:30pm until I started cooking at 5:00pm.

Once you start cooking

Preheat oven to 375 degrees

Place your marinated chicken in an oven safe dish (lightly oiled so it doesn’t stick).  Set the chicken in the oven and let it cook for 35 to 40 mins.

Cook the rice (follow the directions on the box or if you cook rice in rice cooker do what you normally do).

In a large frying pan sautee the entire package of baby spinach (It will shrink so do not worry if you think it all won’t fit.)

While everything is cooking, in a large bowl place your butter in, sprinkle in as much or as little Parmesan Cheese as you like, add 1 crack of salt, 2 or 3 cracks of pepper, set aside.

Once the spinach is done, add it to the bowl with the butter, salt, pepper, Parmesan.  Than once the rice is done, add this also and MIX IT ALL TOGETHER.

Once the chicken is done pull two pieces to the side and chop it and mix it in with your rice and spinach.

Serve it up in a bowl with one or two strips of chicken on top and spoon on some of the juice from the oven safe dish  and ENJOY!

Thank you for reading, if you enjoyed this recipe, please let me know.  Any feedback is always welcome.  Have a great night.

Handcrafted Cup of Lies

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A friend recently altered me to an on going summer deal at Quick Chek.  All summer long any sized hand crafted iced coffee for .99 cents.  “You love coffee, especially iced coffee.  Go for it dude.”  So I went to Quick Chek asked the friendly clerk how to get a hand crafted iced coffee and than proceeded to order.  Knowing protocol at Quick Chek, I ordered, took my ticket from the printer and proceeded to check out.  It was a relatively short line so I paid and returned to the back to wait for my order.  So I watched my iced “Coffee” being made.  A measuring cup filled with milk dumped into a cup with a little bit of coffee and than Ice.  But the real sin.  I saw a pitcher of water come out.  I channeled the rock and my eye brow shot up as I watched the person pour water into my iced coffee filling the rest of the rest of the cup and than mixing it all together.

When I think of iced coffee I think of creamy cold coffee exciting my taste buds.  This was watery and did not come out very well and diluted the coffee’s flavor.  Do not get me wrong I love Quick Chek’s coffees and when I make my own iced coffee from the dispenser, it comes out good.  But I am in shook at these handcrafted iced coffee recipes.  Water REALLY.  No wonder any size is .99 cents the coffee is watered down to stretch it out.

For Shame.gif

Quick Chek, if you are listening.  Please fix this problem.  You are better than this.

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What can I say about this great coffee shop on Broadway in Saratoga Springs, NY?  Well lets jump in.  The town of Saratoga Springs in general is just a beautiful and historic place.  If you ever have a chance to go you should.  Especially during track season.  On the main road of Broadway on the same side of the post office and Bruger’s Bagels.  You will find Saratoga Coffee Traders.  It is a cool little shop with great tasting coffee.  The decor inside is fun and inviting.  The crew is helpful and knowledgeable about coffee and how to brew it.  I would suggest asking about the coffee making process (If you’re interested of course).

As for the menu.  The coffee drinks are awesome and from what I have noticed the specialty drinks change (but it could be because I am a seasonal shopper going whenever I am in town to visit my sister.)  One of the main reasons I love going.  It gives me a chance to get Deathwish Coffee.

Aside from the Deathwish Coffee.  The atmosphere of the shop is great.  If you want something that isn’t Starbucks (No offense to Starbucks) than give Saratoga Coffee Traders on Broadway in Saratoga Springs a shot (or two depending how much espresso you like 😛 )

Hey guys thanks for reading.  If you have been to this shop leave a comment to describe your experience.  Comments on how to improve are always welcome.  Be sure to like and follow

Music and The Feelz

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Have you ever driven down the road and a song comes on your radio, your iheart radio, your spotify, etc and you suddenly find yourself feeling old things.  It happened today to me, like many times before.  Driving along bobbing my head and Dear God by Avenged Sevenfold hits my hears.  Instantly I am feelings things I haven’t felt in awhile and a tear rolls down my cheek.  The feelz as it is known.  It isn’t just that song, it’s many songs, from many genres.  That sudden realization there is a crack in your emotional armor.

(Great song to listen too)

Dear God by Avenged Sevenfold

Ink Masters

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Back in January of 2012 Ink Masters Debuted and took the competition Reality TV Shows by storm.  Bringing the world of tattooing to many artists and those who love competition shows alike.  Each Season a group of people compete for 100,000 dollars, a spot in Inked Magazine and the title of Ink Master.  But this season.  Season 9, the stakes are higher.  With the title of Ink Master on the line, 200,000 dollars and the first ever Master Shop Title.  But this isn’t a review of the show.  This is a countdown blog post.

Today I will be listing my favorite participants of Ink Master.  10 being the lowest and 1 being the highest.  So lets count it down.

10. From season 2 and 7: Sarah Miller, her style and ability was great and fun to watch the entire season.  From out of the gate I started rooting for her, because he tattoos were just that good to look at.

9. From Season 3 and 5: Jason Clay Dunn, dude just rocks.  That beard was crazy awesome and he reminded me of the likes of Zac Brown.  His tattoo ability was sick but it was sad to see him go. Than when he came back in Season 5 and WIN the whole thing.  That was just awesome.

8. From Season 5 and 7 and 9: Cleen Rock One, the runner up to the title of Ink Master.  The fight for the top between Cleen and Jason Dunn was epic to behold.  It was clear to see why these two artists made it to the top of the pile.

7. From Season 1: Bili Vegas: While the dude was arrogant (not on the level of Al Fliction).  But Bili unlike Al, had the skills to back it up. Bili’s tattoo abilities are off the hook.  Though it was his arrogance and hubris that got him out in the end.  The canvas he got where he covered up the Insane Clown Posse tattoo with the eye, I went to school with and I graduated with her older brother.  (So it was cool to see someone from my hometown on the show.)

6. From Season 4 and 7: Walter “Sausage” Frank, his presence on the show was a breath of fresh air.  His skills with the tattoo machine were some great things to watch.  It is no wonder he made it to the top and lost I felt by a slight margin to Scott Marshall.

5. From Season 9:  This season is not yet done and the competition has started weeding out the weakest teams.  But one team in particular has weaseled their way into my heart and cracked the top five of my list.  Allisin Riot and Jessy Knuckles Pinz & Needlez.  Their work has been some of my favorite to watch.  A few hick ups here and there but they have heart, they have spunk and they have the will.  And I hope they go far…… Fair warning girls.  Soon you will be going up against my Number 1 pick for this list.

4. From Season 6 and 7 Duffy Fortner:  This lady of the ink was a blast to watch in season 7.  Her tattoos were fun to look at and she has the skills to walk with some of the best in Ink Master History.

3. From Season 8: Gian Karle…… little dude was weird.  But in the best way possible.  His words were backed up buy his skill with the needle.  He met each challenge presented to him.  He was the runner up in this season and I feel like they need to have another Team Peck vs Team Nunez again sometime…. Or Team Peck, Vs Team Navarro Vs Team Nunez…. call it Ink Master Civil War.

2. From Season 1 and 7: James Vaughn: This guy was clever to watch and one hell of a tattooer. His presence in the house was just a breathe of peace the house needed.  But in the end his choice not to leave his safe zone in the finale killed his chance to win.

1..From Season 1 and 9:….Returning next episode.  The Runner up in season 1, host of the show Tattoo Nightmares, and one of the sickest tattooer this competition has ever seen.  (I think he was cheated out of the title in season 1) TOMMY HELM.  With only one weak tattoo the entire season despite the fact he can show more styles and not flinch.  Tommy is the strongest returning contestant.  I can not wait to see the faces on the other shops faces when he comes in.

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