Generation Nerd


Nerdly Radio Podcast Network

4th November 2015


Generation Nerd is all about expanding the horizons of nerd culture.  Giving a voice through all forms of media to those who feel small.  In this vein, I want to start a network of podcasts.  This way many voices can be heard other than just those of our writing staff.


  1. Create a system of uploading podcasts.
  2. Build a network of podcasts so that many shows can have a place to be heard.
  3. Build a community of listeners and readers.
  4. Make this a place for fans of all types to come and have fun (even sports fans)


The Nerdly Radio Podcast Network will be site dedicated to a group of podcasts that wish to upload on a weekly basis.  Be professional yet have fun.  Podcasters will be encouraged to be open and friendly to both positive and negative feedback from listeners.


System of Creation

Creating a system in where those of us with Podcasts can set aside a day or two for recording and editing.  Meaning In one day you may want to record upwards to 3 or 4 shows post date them so that they come out weeks later.  And use the time between to edit the shows to your liking.

Community Out Reach

Once this network of shows is up and running it will be up to the up-loaders and staff to reach out and touch people through facebook, twitter, on the street.  In this way you will build a community of listeners and hopefully sponsors.  And then using our voice to give back to the community outside of our casts.