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Now that we brought the pain.  It is time to Phoenix Down this blog with


5. Final Fantasy I: The original, the beginning and the last chance for Hironobu Sakaguchi.  This game was literly the creator’s final fantasy.  The story goes that Hironobu was struggling to get his original story games published and when he penned Final Fantasy he swore that if it didn’t get made he was going to stop.  Lucky for us.  It made it and boy did it make a great splash.  While I didn’t place it higher mainly because the story does have some issues (mainly the time traveling aspects).  The game is simple and graphically beautiful (for it’s time).  Being the first game it had some bugs which were corrected by the second game.  Like the targeting not being perfect in I but streamlined in II.  This is a great game and I recommend you play it sometime.

4. Final Fantasy IX: This was the last great Final Fantasy game on the playstation.  The story was compelling, the characters were lovable.  The graphics were far and away better than VIII.  The game it self went back to the simple roots of Final Fantasy with the beauty of the upgrades of the times with the graphics.  It didn’t try to over complicate things with junctions and drawing and Materia and GF systems.  It made the Active Turn Base gameplay better than in it’s two predecessors combined.  It made Final Fantasy fun again.  I just wish Square (and than later Square Enix) had taken ques from IX and followed that into X but alas X was an abomination.

3. Final Fantasy XII: While not the greatest and not the worst.  XII brought to the table a refreshing take on Final Fantasy that X lost.  XII WAS OPEN WORLD.  Sure it had it’s clunks.  Like the license board.  But at least the story wasn’t a flashback or following some stupid movie sphere to find the main character’s lover (X-2 ‘s story line).  The battle system felt more like an MMO and was implemented due to the success of the the MMO Final Fantasy XI (which has been excluded from this list along with XIV because both are MMO’s and both I have never played).  The only gripe I have about this game is the License board.  There was no need to buy proficiency in EVERY version of a weapon.  If I bought a dagger I shouldn’t need to buy the Mage Masher because it is a dagger…. just a dagger with a silencing effect.  It is fun and refreshing.

2. Final Fantasy IV: This game is one of my all time favorites.  From the opening to the close FFIV catches you by the heart and brings on an emotional joyride.  The story is compelling and you find yourself wanting to help the main character and make him the best to save the planet. The game play is amazing and not hard to understand.  Simplicity and beautiful the game play makes you think and makes you plan on how you want to go about the game.  Of all the Final Fantasy games this is one I recommend a lot.

Before I get to number one.  These are the honorable mentions

Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy II

Both of these games are good in their own right.  But I honestly do not think they are worthy to be on the best or worst list.  Which leaves us with

1. Final Fantasy VI:  Originally released in America on the SNES as Final Fantasy III it is in fact the sixth incarnation of this game series.  The music is beautiful to behold even for a 16bit era game. The opening sequence of the game throws you right into the action and gives you a taste of things to come later.  The story is beautifully crafted and the character development of both Protagonists and the Antagonist is well paced and very well done.  And let us not for get that Kefka Palazzo is one of if not the best Villain in all of Final Fantasy.

Thank you for taking the time to read both parts of these lists and I encourage readers to post comments both positive and negative.  Was this order good or did I misplace something.  Let me know