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Count It Down With Hiei

Posted: January 25, 2017 by hieiyyh2 in The Countdowns
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HELLO AND WELCOME! Too another countdown.  Where I list the things I love and hate about things I love to do.  Today we will be counting down the best dungeons in The Legend of Zelda series.  The rules for this are simple there will be no repeats of games and I will not be including games from Zelda I have not personally played (Skyward Sword, Breathe of the Wild, The Oracle Series, That train Zelda game….)  SO lets go.


10.  When you think of Zelda many games jump out at you no matter what age you are.  But when it comes to a dungeon nothing is more iconic than The first dungeon in the Original Legend of Zelda on the NES.  This was the first time any of us got to experience the level of difficulty that this game could impose as a young gamer trying to tame that first boss it was mystical and jaw dropping when you finally beat it….. Than your elder sibling beat it in like two seconds….

9.  Not many people think of Zelda and think of the hand held games.  But for me in The Legend of Zelda Link’s awakening The Eagle’s Tower was my favorite.  Running through the various levels of the tower using a massive Cannon ball to knock the tower lower.  Using every trick and skill you possess to reach the goal….. Ahh it was fun.

8.  A crash of thunder awakens you, it is raining outside and a note from your father is awaiting for you that he has gone to castle.  Without hesitation you  find your way to the castle and you see you can’t get in.  So you sneak around to the side and down a hole into the Dungeons of the castle where you find your father wounded….. It is than he tells you to save the Princess.  He gives you your sword and it is off to find Zelda.  The opening to A link to the past has always been one of my favorite games and it’s opening dungeon crawl was always part of the story I loved best.

7.  The Stone Tower in Majora’s mask has always been one of my favorite temples in the game.  That is until after i picked the game back up from Rage quiting the water temple in that same game….GAH any way.  This is to my knowledge the first time you can physically effect the level in Zelda by turning it upside down.  The puzzles were challenging and the music was erie and beautiful at the same time….. and it made you think…Is Link really dead?  Let us not forget the boss fight using the Giants Mask and turning link huge.

6.  The Final Dungeon in Link (Zelda 2) yes yes the boss was unrelentingly cheap and worth of making you want to throw your system at the wall.  But it was also a test of your skill and endurance and fighting off the beasts to reach your ultimate goal…. and once you beat Dark Link without a game Genie…. than you knew I AM THE KING…… and than Mike Tyson stood in your way…. wait a second.

5.  The four swords was fun it presented us with awesome new ways to solve puzzles, team up with friends and in the case of the cave of insights well it made things not only more fun and a lot easier to solve puzzles with friends. It gave us all your friends included an insight into the way this game was going to go down.

4.Much like the last entry.  Triforce Heros brought back the team up aspect and coupled it with new tricks and skills and new outfits which augment your skills.  All of these were fun to find ways to complete things in different manors and gave you new ways to play through the game as you liked.  But of all the Levels the Desert temple stands out in my mind the most as it gives us challenges that not only require you to have a good understanding of the game but it has you putting your team work skills to the test.

3.  The Tower of the gods in Wind Waker.  Plotting through this game you get a large ocean which in some cases you can see islands FAR in the distance, some you can not….. But when it comes to the Tower of the gods…… You can see it from EVERY Island.  It is the point in the game where you find the challenge rating going up,  It is also at this point in the game where you obtain the legendary master sword.

Before I get into the top 2 I need to point out that these were the two I had the most fun with and I couldn’t decide which was better.  But here we Go.

2.  The Arbiter’s Grounds:  This imposing dessert prison used in the past to house the most vile criminals hyrule has ever known.  You pick your way through and fight through challenges and avoiding the sand.  Till you achieve getting the dungeon main item.  The spinner.  The spinner can be used to traverse the sand, clim walls with tracks on it and spun to turn gears in the prison. Leading up to my personal all time favore boss the Stallord, Pin Ball out his spinal collum only to have to fight his head in a battle along the pillar and walls.  Grinding along like you were doing a multi-grind in Tony Hawk Pro-skater.  Timing your jumps right to hit down the head.  Oh man was that fun.


Number 1.  The legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time revolutionized the action rpg gaming world.  with it’s beautiul 3d walking world.  Polished game play, MANY memorable Temples.  But none stick out more in my mind than The Forest Temple.  After you obtain the Master Sword and get transported 7 years into the future. You want to check in on your old friends using Sara’s Song you find no response.  So you go to your childhood home where you find she had went to teh forest temple.  Deep in The Lost Woods.  Once you get there you must find your way into the temple and than you are presented with eerie music that haunts you all through the temple even in the open air spots.  The whole feel of it makes you want to second guess finding your friend.  But you trek your way through and fight Phantom Ganondorf to rescue your friend who is a sage.

That concludes this edition of the Countdown.  Do you agree or do you have a different list I would love to read them.  Thanks for reading


GOing for the dream!

Posted: July 14, 2016 by hieiyyh2 in Gaming
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Starting your journey Imagine if you will, you are young and experiencing the game of pokemon for the first time.  The graphics for the time are what you would expect of a Gameboy/Gameboy Color/ Gameboy Pocket.  You are thrown into the world of pokemon and you are faced with a choice.  Picking your first pokemon has always and will always be one moment in any of the games that will stick with you.  As you play you imagine what it would be like if you were actually part of this world, only to come crashing back to reality that no pokemon are not real.  Twenty plus years go by and you are greeted with a new game called Pokemon Go.  An app/game where you walk around and collect the characters from your childhood.  But why would you play it.  Why would you throw yourself back into this world.  Well lets see.

1.  It brings you out into the world and not just on your phone trading pokemon via the global trade station (gen 5 and up….. I think).  You get to experience pokemon in the real world for the first time to capture that dream you had so long ago.

2. It’s a couples game.  You’re on a hike in the woods with your sweetheart and one of your phones go off and she excitedly exclaims that she has found a puffy purple thing.  Being the nerd you are you smile and tell her it is a Venonat.  It is bringing couples to places on hikes and walks together.  With charging stations at local monuments and places of importance not just to yards or around your house.  You can litterly go to places of historic value in your town to learn about things.  Parents it will give you a chance to bring your child to places like Washington D.C to the monuments to find pokemon and they will see things that were once boring to them because.  Hey I just caught a Charmander on Abraham Lincoln’s Knee!
2a. Now let me be clear this does not mean you should go traversing through strange people’s yards and you should always be on the look out for danger around you.  But the news is focusing on the bad because it gets more views.  There is danger in no matter what you play or do.  A guy searched a 10 year old’s IP address location and went to the kids house and killed him for headshotting him in a Call of Duty game or whatever First Person Shooter game it was.  So yes there is danger.  Will everyone heed warnings no but that is on them.

3. It’s bringing the nerd community out and about.  With the ability to travel across the land (yes this pun is intended). Nerds are coming out of their dens and dwellings to find things they love.  Someone has asked “Oh how come it takes an app to get people to go outside?  That’s just sad.”  Well my answer to this is.  “Perhaps said person who doesn’t go outside perfers not to deal with people in his area because of being ostracized while young?  Or they feel like staying inside to play console games and interact with the world via microphone and controller.”  This game has given people with anxiety and depression a chance to go out and not feel like they are being judged for enjoying something they love.

While there is strong haters of this game and their points are valid but it doesn’t mean you should hate on it because either you didn’t play it when you were younger or you feel it is endangering peoples lives.  If you are worried about such things.  Play in wide open public places or on hiking trails.  Or at parks.  You don’t have to have your face in the app all the time.  You can set the sleep feature on your phone and put it at your side and it will vibrate when something is close.  (You don’t have to be on top of it to catch it.  You can be a good distance away and still get a chance to catch it.)  As the game states always be aware of your surroundings.

Now get out and GO! If you don’t want to play it.  That is fine and that is your choice.  🙂 I for one am having fun with it.

Welcome to Hiei’s One Shot Adventures.  In these posts I will be writing short one shot adventurers and stories for Storytellers; Dungeon Masters; Game Masters.  Feel free to use these in your games and tell me how they went.  Enjoy

One Shot Story for VtM (any edition)

Level of players (starting, just getting to know the game.)

The Scene opens in the office of the senchel (insert name here).  The senchel has an envelope on her desk with the seal of the prince on the fold holding the letter in place.  As your characters enter the room, the senchel raises out of a sign of what mutual respect she can show to someone of your status in the city.

(Players can greet if they like at this point.  Once they are done continue)

Senchel: Hello neonates, I hope the night finds you all well.  I am sure you are curious as to why you have all been gathered here this night.  So let me skip the formalities and allow me to get to the heart of the matter.

At this point the senchel opens the letter and reads

I wish I could be in your presence this night to relay my task for you this even.  But I have been called away to perform duties on another matter.  I have left detailed instructions for you with My right hand.  This night you and your compatriots will be going into the slums of the city.  The sheriff has heard rumors that an agent of the Sabbat has been hiding there.  It will be your task to mark this target for the sheriff so that we can eradicate the sword from even getting a toe hold in our city.

There will be a good reward for you should be successful in rooting out this mole.


The Prince (Insert name)

The senchel than puts down the letter and looks at your party.  I will give you a few nights to come up with a plan of action.  If you can bring in the Sabbat alive for questioning that would be a plus.

(Give your players time to come up with plans let them think about their strengths and weaknesses.  Once planning is done.  Skip to the night of confrontation.)

It is at this point you can come up with a Sabbat lick that would be able to give the players a slight challenge but not impossible.  Make sure they go over their plan.  And make sure that they get rewarded for their actions in EXP and some sort of recognition by the prince at court.  If they decide to take the Sabbat alive and in for questioning…… Expand from there.

End Scene

Quick and simple and gives new players time to get to know the system and how best to think and act like a vampire would.  Cunning, ruthless, scheming, let them find and play to the abilities of their characters.

Malkavian V20 Cover art

How has Vampire The Masquerade 20th Anniversary Edition shaped up since it came out?  Well that is a matter of opinion.  Some players view it as the second coming of their favorite game.  Other players view it as bastardized waterdown version missing the glory of revised.  Yet others view it as not the second coming or the death, but as an extension and updating of the lore presented in the game.

My personal view.

V20 (The abbreviation of Vampire: The Masquerade 20th Anniversary edition), opened doors for some aspects and closed them on others.  As of this writing, anyone running a strict V20 game (Strict meaning only using V20 books nothing else) only has access to what the current books have out and can not be melded with the previous editions.   So until the clanbooks come out in V20 style, the system has helped some clans and hamstrung other clans.

Example:  Because of V20 the Giovanni no longer have access to spirit slave background and the Proxi Kiss Merit.  Spirit Slaves like ghouls are servants of the Giovanni that can not be seen are only visible say with Auspex or when interacting with their master.  It takes out one of the Necromancers main tools.  The Proxi Kiss Merit: Gives the giovanni access to potence 1 for free at creation or if they took the higher cost version Potence 1 and Fortitude 1 for free at creation.  As wizarding clan this gives the Giovanni more options and makes them less squishy in battle.  Since V20 ripped this away it makes the Giovanni a clan you do not want to play unless you are part of a chronicle that centers around them.

Do not get me wrong I love that Vampire was brought back.  I just hope that with this restructuring of the game, they bring back stuff that made it great.  Give the players more options with their characters.  The clanbooks gave players more information to work with when making their various characters.  Like finding out that the Malkavians as a collective clan stole the use of Dominate as a clan wide discipline from the Ventrue.  Or the reason behind the animosity between The Gangrel and The Ravnos.  Or even that the twisted and grotesque looking Tzimice have access to a magic older than The Tremere’s.

Final Verdict

If you have never played Vampire The Masquerade.  I suggest you go out and play it.  Start with V20 it’s a fresh start for the series and new players can quickly learn the game.  Veteran players use it to meld with your current game if you like.  Or do what my friend Pat did with D&D 3.0 and 3.5 mix together the systems and balance the game that way.  Either way it is a fun night all around.