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With the end of the eight episode Defenders season.  The Hand is seemingly done.

End of Spoilers.

Where does The MNU (Marvel Netflix Universe) go from here?

Daredevil: I am hoping they go the route of Born Again.  And bring back King Pin to tear Matt Murdock’s life to pieces from the shadows.  Or with events of Defenders have Matt Murdock truly trying to be retired only to have Bullseye pull him back into the life of Daredevil to save his friends.  One aspect in defenders that can be brought up in Season 3 of Daredevil which would reflect the comics.  Open the season with a recovered Matt Murdock in Washington DC fighting to have a bill brought to law which would allow Vigilantes the right to be used in trials as witnesses and seemingly legitimize what Matt does on the side.  There is many things that can be done for Daredevil.

Jessica Jones: I would like to see things progress for Jessica and bring out the sidekick side of Patsy.  Maybe have Jessica go in investigative journalism to connect The MNU and The MCU by having Jessica work at The Daily Bugle.  Have Jessica go up against Bobby Tisdell or Victoria Hand.  Victoria can keep the whole H.A.M.M.E.R industries aspect of the MNU alive.

Luke Cage: Seeing the positive impact he had on Danny Rand.  Have Luke Cage and Iron Fist team up for a season.  A La Power Man and Iron Fist.  Iron Fist was way better in Netflix with Luke Cage.  Have Them fight Owl

Iron Fist:  His series was the weakest of all the MNU.  The way the season ended his appearance and powers returning in Defenders made no sense at all.  For season two like I said have Danny team up with Luke to help Danny build up his confidence.

Punisher:  As this character has not had a season of his own yet I am not going to say what I hope happens…..besides for maybe wishing Thomas Jane appears in a cameo.

The Defenders Season 2:  My hope is that All the MNU shows some how connects everything together.  In each of the series.  Have King Pin work in the shadows throwing hired guns King Pin has met in Jail against the Defenders.  And have King Pin return in The Defenders season 2 as the main villain like OHHHH IT ALL MAKES SENSE King Pin was making The Anti-Defenders Bullseye, Victoria Hand, Owl and Bobby Saint.  It is why I love the character of the King Pin so much he is a mastermind and knows how to get things done.