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Technology Will Change

Posted: January 19, 2017 by hieiyyh2 in Technology
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As you grow older things around you that you once thought would be forever fade and change and up grade.  Take for example this personal story from my everyday life.  Back in the 80’s we had these things called cassette tapes.  They were hard place hollow on the inside with a little brown or black ribbon on two reels.  On these brown or black ribbons you can listen to music or any other audio that was recorded on to them.  With scotch tape and a second tape player you record over the ribbon to create your own mixtapes.  Mixtapes were all the rage before the advent of the CD.  Once the 90’s came along Cassette tapes began to phase out when Compact Discs came along.  Compact Discs are still here in 2017 (the typing of this post).  They are the successor to the Record and the Laser Discs.  Much like Cassettes CDs are a medium in which to hear and view things recorded on them.  The point of this post is to tell you that the change can and will come.  Before Cassettes revolutionized personal audio you had 8 Tracks and before 8 Tracks you had Records and before Records you had Victrola Cylinders. As time marches on technology will grow.

Even in the video department of things.  You had Reel to Reel film that you had to place on huge protectors for home videos.  Than came the advent of Beta Max and VHS (VHS won because they had a better marketing than the BETA Max despite BETA Max having better quality video).  Once cassette base mediums were phased out by CD DVDs people began the switch to that.  With the prominence of DVD Compact disc technology got better and better to the point where we had war of products again.  I of course speak of the war between HD DVD and Blu-Ray.  Like the BETA Max before it.  HD DVD lost because marketing for Blu-Ray offered more ways to play it (Sony being the biggest part of the Blu-Ray win by making it standard on their Playstation 3 System).  Now as we begin the trudge into 2017 we see the Video market again taking a change.  The 4kHD while relatively new.  It is making headway in the markets.

With music despite sound quality we are moving away from physical mediums to listen to our favorite songs.  In it’s place you have files stored on your computers or mobile devices….or in more recent cases on a cloud storage unit.  Giving you access to not just your songs, but the millions of songs you can find on various websites that allow you to purchase music.  the same is holding true for video.

Even video games have come a long way from the days of Texas Instrument and Atari.  To quote Kumail Nanjiani “Videos games are the only medium of story telling I think that has improved along side the change of technology and gotten better.”  He is right.  As video games got graphically better the story telling of the games improved with it.  Because you could tell a more intricate story and develop it better than you can with say a movie or television.

So let us not fear change.  Let us embrace it.  Thank you